Best Bo Burnham Songs

One of the funniest artists on the internet, Bo Burnham's songs are classic. Here are my ten favorites!

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1 Art is Dead

The fact that this veers away from most of Bo's music is the reason why this is my favourite song by Bo, it tells the story about what Bo didn't want to become, and hates that he did.

Not funny, but the meaning behind it is amazing mixed with music

Bo pretty much breaks down being an entertainer with a deep meaning

I feel like Bo Burnham did the exact opposite of sell out. Like his early stuff is pretty tacky run-of-the-mill edgy™ comedy which was his way of breaking into the business, but now he’s just like “hey, do you guys want to hear about how celebrities are products manufactured by a capitalistic society preying on the marginalized, also art is dead *funky synth noise*” - prussian

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2 Words, Words, Words

Burnham is a genius. His rhymes and phrases are not only hilarious but amazingly clever and nifty

Great song! Genius. - Jweet4444

3 Are You Happy?

Amazing song. Feel so much emotion with it. - LemonComputer

4 From God's Perspective

Hilarious and surprisingly touching towards the end

5 New Math
6 Nerds

Less of a joke, more of a reflection on how things are. Great song.

7 Kill Yourself

Stick your tongue in a plug - Not_A_Weeaboo

How is this not number one - hugh201

8 Can't Handle This (Kanye Rant)

Definitely should be number 1 - CannabisCat420

a classic - hugh201

9 What's Funny
10 My Whole Family

The Contenders

11 Men & Women
12 I'm Bo, Yo
13 Ironic
14 Straight White Male
15 Rant

Many deep meanings..just perfection

16 Oh, Bo
17 We Think We Know You
18 Love Is...

Turns out love is all about... whistles! - istooduptoabully

19 Hell of Ride
20 Sad

"This first song is called a world on fire, *pauses*...AHH! AHHH! "

21 #deep
22 Repeat Stuff

Are you kidding this somg is awesome


Best Bo song.

23 A World on Fire
24 Lower Your Expectations
25 Pandering
26 Eff

Favorite song. - Jweet4444

27 High School Party
28 Oh My God

An unfinished version of perspective of god

29 Welcome to YouTube
30 Improv Song
31 A Love Ballad
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1. Words, Words, Words
2. New Math
3. What's Funny
1. Art is Dead
2. From God's Perspective
3. My Whole Family
1. Are You Happy?
2. Can't Handle This (Kanye Rant)
3. Nerds


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