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1 Louise Belcher Louise Belcher

She deserves to be at the top

She is so so SO funny! Without her the show is dead! Love this show

I love the whole Belcher family but Louise is definitely my favourite!

I love her SO much

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2 Tina Belcher Tina Belcher

"I'm no hero, I put my bra on one boob at a time"

I love Tina. She's perfect.

Tina is best.

This is f----ing me

3 Gene Belcher Gene Belcher Gene Belcher is the middle child on the show Bob's Burgers. He loves music and has a Casio keyboard that he uses to write songs and play back fart sounds.

This guy is boss

I wanna be a real artist! Like Leonardo DiCaprio! - MojoSpaederman

I'm not afraid of ghosts. I'm not afraid of sharks. I'm not afraid of cancer. I'm just afraid of SNAKES! They really creep me out! Where are their arms and legs?! IT'S NOT OK!

He should be number 1

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4 Bob Belcher Bob Belcher

Bob's failed attempts at humor and persistent mediocrity make him the most lovable and funny character

Come on he should be higher

I love Bob. every time he makes little voices for inanimate objects I just about crack up. Lol - Confirmation

H. Jon Benjamin makes the show - Elciegocalavera23

5 Linda Belcher Linda Belcher

The funniest and the best character

She should be number three

She's deserves to be lower, she's really annoying

She by far is the worst character on show - Lucasbck36

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6 Teddy


7 Ollie and Andy Pesto



8 Mort

I know people don't agree but I LOVE MORT! He has inspired me to run a funeral home.

9 Jimmy Pesto Jr.

So sexy love him

10 Zeke

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? Dr. Yap

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11 Gayle

That is the single best Bobs burgers quote ever.

Little cat, you're just like me. You go outside and squat to pee. SQUAT! SQUAAAT!

One of the funniest characters. Ggg genitals!

12 Jimmy Pesto

Him? He, Tammy, Millie, Edna (the bitch who owns the art studio), Hugo, and Trev (his brown nose of a bartender) are horrible, annoying, and should never be on the show! Though, he’s more tolerable in Weekend at Mort’s.

13 Regular Sized Rudy
14 Calvin Fischoeder
15 Mr. Frond
16 Boo Boo
17 Tammy Larsen

Tammy has some of the best insults I’ve ever heard. Goodie two boobs? All of her mesntruation jokes? Hilarious. “Didn’t know this was fencing class, Tina” as she runs the horse into the fence. I love all of them.

18 Andy Pesto
19 Hugo Habercore

This is the most hateful character on the show. - Elciegocalavera23

The most hateful character on the show. - Elciegocalavera23

20 Jocelyn
21 Trev
22 Marshmallow

For some reason, I can never get enough of Marshmallow. Sure, she is a side character who doesn't appear too often but when she does it can't help but love it. Normally when Bob sees her he just plainly says "Oh hey Marshmallow" So casually. Not to mention Marshmallow is truly free.

We do not deserve Marshmallow. No one deserves Her. She is the embodiment of everything good in this world. She has ascended to a higher plane of existence with nothing. No people. No internet. Only Marshmallow.

23 Sergeant Bosco
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