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41 Small Axe

I don't think this song is 41th. In My list I will post it in top 20

Because whosoever dig a pit shall fall in it and because too people are working iniquity to achieve vanity. Scuse my english, I'm french

42 Punky Reggae Party

Com'on I really want to be at this party

43 One Drop

I love this song, amazing piece of Bob & the Wailers!

In MY personal top 5 bob songs...way underrated

Just listened to this track a few secs ago

Feel it in the One Drop!

44 Ride Natty Ride

I always want to stand up when this song starts. So enticing.

Love playing it. It makes me high kinda.

The best one 4 me

45 Top Rankin'

Even the tittle rocks. It perfectly describes the song.

So underrated. one of he's best songs.

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46 Soul Rebel

Oh who made this list? This song is truly beautiful. Its about personal freedom and ability. It defiantly should be in the top ten.

This is the #56 best bob marley song? lol that is what makes bob great. I wont even argue about it, but I love this song.

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47 Crazy Baldheads

Ill vote for you dude :D

48 African Herbsman

Easily the best bob marley song... Has such a great feeling to it, great bass line, great vocals by bob and the wailers... Such a great song.

49 Lively Up Yourself

Great song, great beat. Heavy mixed with soft. Not many people can pull that off and make it sound so right.

Can't believe this isn't in the top 10! Probably my favorite Marley song!

50 Kinky Reggae

Amazing song of Bob!

This has the best groove.

51 Rastaman Chant

Classic, has to be on that list

Love the music, love the lyrics, love love the man

Most spiritual song ever. easily number 1

52 Pimper's Paradise

Really? This should be at least on the top 20! Great song

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53 Kaya

#71, seriously? Maybe not the best but deserves top 15 easily. So overlooked. Bob's voice with the entirety of the composition is prime. It's about getting lifted on a rainy morning, not caring where you are or what the day is like, be happy and relieve the stress of an oncoming day.

At least number 15! so underrated song... especially when you got high!

Yes, at least top 15

54 Revolution

Do you ever heard about this song. If you listen this song you will be fly.

55 Real Situation

Best song of Bob! Great lyrics in this one!

56 Who the Cap Fit

Great lyrics, like most of Bob's songs

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57 Zion Train

Two masterpieces get on board that soul train is coming our way all guns aiming at me ambush in the night

58 Piece of Ganja
59 How Many Times

This song is cancer

Why isn�'t this song on this list. It�'s one of the top ten

60 Talkin' Blues
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