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61 Keep on Movin'
62 Slave Driver
63 Running Away

The best rhythm in my opinion of any song the greatest philosopher the world has ever heard god bless you bob may you rest in peace

You must have done sometin sometin sometin an you don't want nobody to know about. Oh you must have done sometin wrong

64 Bad Card

The best song ever. propaganda spreading over ma name...

Just one great song.

65 Jah Live
66 All In One

One of his best by far - it has four classics within a single piece!

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67 Wake Up and Live V 1 Comment
68 Give Thanks and Praises
69 Fussing and Fighting
70 Ambush In the Night

All guns aiming at me

71 I Know

The absolute best song of Bob Marley, he really use his beautiful voice in this song. It's just an amazing song and in my opinon its just one of the best song.

72 Reaction
73 Cornerstone
74 Bus Dem Shut (Pyaka)
75 Duppy Conquerer

Great song! Can't believe I's not top 15!

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76 Guiltiness
77 We and Dem

Wow! This and bad card might be the best back to back on any bob Marley album. Both deserve top 15

Really good song.

78 Caution
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