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1 Night Moves

First three chords always make me smile when this song comes on the radio. Pure nostalgia. Easily Segers best song, not that all the others arent good either.

I was born in 1998 and I love this song. 17 now and this song is still my favorite. No matter the age, this song is a pure classic and one of the best ever

The breakdown in the song like "LORD, I REMEMBER! LORD, I REMEMBER! ".. Is just the core of this masterpiece. Far out his voice is fabulous.

Number 1 of all time

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2 Turn the Page

I've been a Bob Seger fan for thirty-seven years. I love all his songs and to this day say Hollywood Nights is the Greatest Album of all time. It doesn't have a bad song on it.

Lyrics music and overall a great song. Covered by Metallica. Still is a hit

Pure classic. Great story and who doesn't love that sax? By far Segers greatest song

Wow Did not expect to see this song 2nd, it's his most famous song - also my favorite Bob Seger song
Love the line "all the same old clich├ęs, 'is that a woman or a man', referencing how the long hair of rockstars was disapproved by folks in Midwestern diners
Turn the Page is also my favorite song about touring and life "on the road again". The song has great saxophone as well as great lyrics, and it's even better live. Need this to be #1

3 Against the Wind

Each time I hear a song on the radio like Nicki Minaj's or Justin Bieber's, I feel an urgent need to clean my ears out with some REAL music! This song is the epitome of REAL music, meaningful beautiful lyrics, amazing music with the guitar and piano, and a great voice.

Against the wind is one of the BEST songs from Bob Seger, and he is brilliant for creating such a master piece

For me bob was it late 70s and all of the 80s and to this day. The best ever

"Wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then..." Brilliant.

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4 Old Time Rock and Roll

Wow why isn't one almost everyone in the world knows a little bit higher

This is my favorite rock song ever, amazing lyrics and good beats!

What this should be number 1 it obviously is greatest song

Best Bob Seger song ever

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5 We've Got Tonight

Only bob Seeger song I like. By far his best

6 Main Street

Should be #1. I know Turn the Page is compelling but come on who hasn't thought his thoughts in this song?

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7 Like A Rock

This is probably one of the top 10 songs ever made. But you have to be older than 35 and understand the lyrics to fully appreciate it.
Listen to it again and you will agree that this is the number one.

Being the same age a Bob I ca relate to every word in this song. It really put your life in order as to how fast it goes by. To me this is his biggest hit. How ever I love every song he has ever sang

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8 Hollywood Nights Hollywood Nights

Best song for cruising down the highway!

You gotta have a great voice to sing this song

9 The Fire Inside

Not played much on the radio but fantastic.

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10 Roll Me Away Roll Me Away

Such a hard choice between so many awesome songs, it could easily be -turn the page-like a rock- against the wind-you'll accomp'ny me- or many others. For me I like the freedom of "roll me away"

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? The Fire Down Below The Fire Down Below
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11 Still the Same

Way too many great Bob songs but this is my favorite. Not all stories have a happy ending and this song is indicative of that.

There is a kid in Phoenix that does an amazing cover! I actually like his cover better than the original, but I will take good ol' Bob's anytime.

The trick you said is never play the game too long.

How on earth can this not be top ten?

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12 Beautiful Loser Beautiful Loser

Used in Supernatural enough said

13 You'll Accomp'ny Me

This was me and my first wife song be for we were married. Great song

14 Her Strut Her Strut
15 Rock and Roll Never Forgets

No Seger song defines the beat and timelessness of rock and roll better than this track off of the "Night Moves" album. - c0mf0rta61ynum6

16 Til It Shines

Love this song. But can't find it in beats music or iTunes. Any suggestions? Thanks

17 Fire Lake Fire Lake
18 Famous Final Scene

This song is literally my favourite all time song and I ain't bragging. Just can't believe, it's frigging no.18. It's so soothing and spiritually uplifting. Just listen to this song and see the lyrics, and tell me if you don't fall in love with this song.

19 Rambin Gamblin Man

Roll me away has got to be the top 3
Truly a classic seger song the unofficial biker anthem and certainly should amoung the top ten

20 Katmandu Katmandu
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2. Night Moves
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1. Old Time Rock and Roll
2. Night Moves
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