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21 Fire Lake

21 Really. This is a top 5. Easy

22 Lonely is the Night
23 Living Inside My Heart
24 Famous Final Scene

This song is literally my favourite all time song and I ain't bragging. Just can't believe, it's frigging no.18. It's so soothing and spiritually uplifting. Just listen to this song and see the lyrics, and tell me if you don't fall in love with this song.

25 Rambin Gamblin Man

Roll me away has got to be the top 3
Truly a classic seger song the unofficial biker anthem and certainly should amoung the top ten

26 Katmandu this! This is playing on my favourite radio station (Planet Rock) as I type this. Date: 28/06/17 Time: 23.50. I'm creating a memory right now! - Britgirl

27 Shame On the Moon
28 Feel Like a Number
29 Come to Poppa

This should be higher up. Extremely underrated awesome song. - matty925

30 Get Out of Denver

Boys, this is how you crank out a fun rock jam!

This song should be much higher on the list

31 No Man's Land

Great to see No Man's Land on this list. I'm not saying it's top ten because there's so many great Seger songs to choose from, but it's my favorite song off Against the Wind, and the song's message is so true.

32 Give Me the Beat Boys
33 New Coat of Paint
34 Comin' Home
35 Brave Strangers
36 The Fire Down Below
37 Even Now
38 Understanding

Should be in top 5

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