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1 World, Hold On

The beats make me go in a trance.. Between reality and dream. And then I get motivated to do anything

Great memories, this is what music is about

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2 Love Generation

Love this song! Brings back great memories for me! Was even one of the last songs on my wedding video!

A song that makes you feel great, makes you wanna dance, makes you wanna sing!

Love it it was amazing


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3 Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now)

This is a great and highly catchy dance track. This song will make you move even if you don't like it. The vocals can get annoying but it is saved by the great chorus this song has.

This is the best dance track to listen to cause it will just make you move - decorulez97

Reminds me of good childhood memories

4 Sound of Freedom

Top 3 at least! Brings out your free spirit!

It is really a sound of freedom play it always when I'm high

5 Rock the Boat

Where is Rock The Boat? Is There? There it is?
I can believe it. Greatest song ever. And also I Love when BoB Sinclar collaborates with other famous artists, like Pitbull. BoB and PiT? Nobody can't stop this song!
We gonna rock, the boat. Greatest song by Bob Sinclar. Vote this!

Great fun party song and it totally fits the style of Pitbull and that girl singer in the chorus (don't know her name)

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6 Lala Song
7 Far L'amore

A far l'amore comincia tu, AaAa, A far l'amore comincia tu...
Wow greatest song, and also it features RAFFAELLA CARRA!
An Italian old pop singer!
Bob Sinclar has remixed this song in the best mode: DANCE!

Love the video clip and the Italian language is really something.. Like sexy! You know what I'm saying?

8 Love You No More
9 Rainbow of Love

Best song ever by Bob Sinclar, And great hook

I LOVE so much this song. I'm from Italy, and in Italia this song has had great success, also because has been used for the publicity of the new Alfa Romeo MiTo (famous Italian car). Watch the video on YouTube. Great! Cause even when the clear skies!...
I Rainbow of

I love this song. Is the best. The Greatest.
Bob Sinclar is my favourite DJ, so THIS is his best song (after love generation, world hold on and rock this party). The chorus is very catchy and also has got a great video. Vote this RAINBOW OF LOVE.

Why this song is dropped to the 15 place? Before it was at 11! I add the other songs (rock the boat, love you no more, lala song... ) wich were not there before. But this song is amazing... WoW... It should be at 8. The other (Loce Generatio, World Hold On, Rock This Party... ) are the greatest but This song is great T00.

15?! Wow, this song is amazing, catchy, great, etc...
But there is a lil problem. This song is known only in Italy. It has been used for the publicitary spot of the new Alfa Romeo MiTo. But Is Great.
Listen it on YouTube.

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11 Kiss My Eyes
12 I Wanna V 1 Comment
13 In the Name of Love
14 Together
15 Tik Tok

Great song (not the greatest but GREAT). Featuring Sean Paul
Tik Tok Tik Tok...
Great featuring Bob Sinclar and Sean Paul.

16 Everybody Movin'
17 The Beat Goes On
18 Give a Lil' Love
19 Gym Tonic
20 Darlin'
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