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21 Amora, Amor Amora, Amor
22 What I Want

Listen to the song you will love it forever

It's just crazy, I love it.

23 Me Not a Gangsta Me Not a Gangsta

French house song. I don't like much this song, but I think it should be in this list. Is in french language, and it features Mister Shammi and Colonel Reyel.

24 Wild Thing

It features... Guess who is the? Thing...
OK, a clue: this thing is also Young,... And in another song He RAPS with another YOUNG... His name begin with the letter W... Okay I Tell You who is This Young... And WILD AND FREE YEAH! FEATURING SNOOP DOGG. BOBB SNOOP DOGG! Wow great song.!..!...

25 What a Wonderful World What a Wonderful World
26 New, New, New New, New, New
27 Jamaica Avenue Jamaica Avenue
28 Lala Funk Lala Funk
29 Summer Moonlight Summer Moonlight
30 Life Life

Feat. Ben Onono... Still Ben ONONO! With Bob Sinclar they make a very good couple of musicians: DJ and Singer.

31 F*** With You V 1 Comment
32 Sexy Dancer Sexy Dancer
33 Magic Fly
34 Tennessee Tennessee
35 Ultimate Funk (Tocadisco Remix) Ultimate Funk (Tocadisco Remix)
36 Suenza
37 Save Our Soul Save Our Soul
38 Cinderella Cinderella
39 Heart of Glass Heart of Glass
40 Back Again Back Again
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