Top 10 Best Body and Back Hair Removal Products

Especially in this century, body hair is considered unaesthetic by many people. Terms like metrosexual and smooth skin are pushing men to adopt a cleaner look and feel, extending beyond just the facial area. A significant part of this trend involves the body and back regions, where hair growth is often both extensive and hard to reach. We have a solution for everyone facing this issue.

Recent options such as waxing, laser therapy, and trimming are either expensive, painful, time-consuming, or simply ineffective. While there are several other solutions on the market, they would not make it to a top-ten list or receive high rankings. Please see our best hair removal product list here.
The Top Ten
1 Nair Hair Remover for Men, Body Cream

If only there were a version of non-sticky, non-smelly Nair. The process has to be well-planned out and takes time. Following the directions is key. Potential skin irritation holds people back from doing it again.

I think it's best for hair removal.

Works great, never had an issue.

2 Philips Norelco BG2030 Professional BodyGrooming System

Best shaver I've ever used! Perfect grip, great size, never cuts. Need I say more?

3 Easy Razor

When it comes to value, ease of use, quality, workmanship, and overall satisfaction, the EasyRazor design is the winner, hands (and hair) down. The EasyRazor was created and manufactured after assessing all past and current competitive products on the market. Their weaknesses were well-noted and eliminated in the EasyRazor model.

On top of that, the German manufacturer added a foldable, portable design that is easy to stow away and ideal for discreet travel. With the longest handle on the market at 19 inches, it's easy for everyone to reach all areas. The gripping mechanism was invented to fit 95% of available razors on the market, which means you can choose your favorite razor handle and save money down the road, over and over again.

The EasyRazor is simply an extension tool made of shatter-proof ABS plastic, combined with rust-free brass screws and bolts for use in any wet environment. The EasyRazor is "Made in the U.S.A." and comes with a 3-year full warranty.

4 Brazilian Back

Great product! So easy to use! Highly recommended for single guys who don't have a loved one to help remove their back hair.

It's a great product! Simple to use! Follow instructions with regard to using the entire bottle for each application.

Great product! Be sure to use the entire bottle per application and use a towel to remove back hair, not the garment!

5 ManGroomer Electric Back Hair Shaver

The ManGroomer is clearly the most sold item on the market. The reason for that is the marketing and sales power behind the manufacturer. However, when it comes to a clean, stubble-free shaving experience, please do not expect the best results.

The battery-operated model is awkward in shape and leaves hair behind. This is okay if you are not interested in a smooth, clean shave. If you are happy with a short trim and a weekly battery change, then this would work for you.

6 Laser Hair Removal

The money pit. Laser hair removal is clearly not just a painful zapping experience, repeated over and over again. It is also a wallet-shrinker. The claim that you'll never see the burned hair follicle again is not true. It takes several sessions of red skin visits, and results may vary. But if you don't mind spending, this is an option.

7 Braun BodyCruzer Men's Body Groomer
8 Kalo Herbal Solution Spray

Another smelly, oily way of pretending that hair will not come back. The sales strategy does not align with the results we encountered with our test candidates. But it does sound good to advertise the natural, never-ever-again hair solution, doesn't it?

9 Remington BHT-650 Titanium Back and Body Extendable Groomer
10 Sugar Wax

Waxing is clearly the quickest way to get rid of hair. However, the sticky process and the painful moment of ripping out the hair still make it a challenge.

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