Best Body Parts on a Female Human

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1 Breasts

Breasts are all good and all, but aren't brains the reason we even have attraction to breasts anyways? Oh but I am stupid right? Breasts, butts and your sex organs totally beat that, right? They totally beat your ability to do the stuff you like. Your sex organs and breasts are reasonable enough, but explain butts?

Oh really? So on the list "Best male Body Parts" brain is first but here it's breasts? Isn't that dysfunctional? THIS JUST SHOWS GENDER INEQUALITY!

At least breasts were seen as beautiful in the 18th century, and is somewhat less perverted than buttocks (disgusting).

They just make my girlfriend look elegant when we're out on a date. She looks beautiful when she has a low shirt.

2 Butt

Oh god, people will really have crushes on others because of their butt size, super judgmental. You should judge someone by personality not by butt size!

Perfect women: big EVERYTHING except mouth (including teeth), belly, and the one listed at #3

Yeah, totally, because brains are less important than this.

Why is it so low. It's much better than breasts.

3 Heart

I'm voting for this because the heart keeps her alive and it would be terrible of she died, but love comes from your brain

Exactly. Why are people so perverted? Breasts and butt? Really? Men are just so stupid and perverted.

A good heart would be the best on anyone. what is with breasts and butts these days!?! People need to be less perv.

Hearts above brain? The heart is just an organ that pumps blood...

4 Brain

This should be number one. All a woman's emotions comes from the cerebral part of the brain. Plus, intelligent and caring women make the best of girlfriends.

To see breasts, the buttocks, and the vagina above the brain (the most important and best body part) is sickening!

What a sexist list. Women are not objects and should not be limited to their body parts.

The brain is essential for determining certain desirable traits.

5 Vagina

Don't even say it... Well... 1, 2 and 3 on this list (by the way this was first posted on 2016 17 april) should be somewhere else. Brain should be number one because a woman's emotions come from there.

Normal body parts rock. don't bother go on the list. The first three items are what men are most men are attractive to

The angels a.k.a WATCHERS loved it, search nephilim or read Enoch, Book of Jubilees, Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs to OPEN YOUR EYES

If females didn't have vaginas we wouldn't be alive and it is where you have sex

6 Face

If you want to be considered an attractive female to me, you just need a pretty face and nice thighs

Definitely important

7 Eyes

Well, I guess there is no such thing as ugly eyes, so this one gets my vote. Most of the rest of the items are just weird and sexist.

Eyes are so pretty! Mine are brown.

I love my eyes. I love all eyes.

Without eyes you are blind.

8 Thighs

Objectively the sexiest

9 Legs

A pair of two soft, long and well skinned legs!

10 Hair

Especially if it smells good, when you are hugging her, after she comes running up to you, big smile on her face, saying ā€œHi Daddy! ā€ Oh Saddie, I want to marry you. But, alas you are a five year old, and Iā€™m an old mutant lizard of a man
- Mark Zuckerberg

Ah, hair. So smooth, and aesthetically pleasing. I love hair

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11 Mouth

The best kisses come from a woman's mouth.

Because I can put my stick in girfriend mouth.)

12 Feet

To me, they're the sexiest-looking part of a young woman's body, mainly because of the soles.

Its hottest place on girls body ever

I don't get why some guys have a fetish for feet.

Feet are amazing in a woman.

13 Stomach

Very underrated body part. Cheerleaders and bikini girls. That's what it's all about.

I don't see why this isn't higher. It's a sweet region separating the two OTHER coolest parts of a female's body. - Lasvegasxavier

Quite often my girlfriend jumps onto of me when I'm shirtless and pours alcohol over my belly and starts licking it all over. - NZZN

My ticklish spot ever! - Somepeeps_dontcare

14 Cheeks (Face)

Lol I like how it said (face)

15 Hands

How a woman touches a man?
Why so many millions spend for rings?
Which is the most common ultimate male fantasy?

16 Lips
17 Hips
18 Neck

When a woman has her her tied up. It's a turn on for me

19 Knees
20 Tongue
21 Ears
22 Belly Button

It's a Combined Answer for me!
It's the Girls Belly, Belly Button & stomach that's my Fave part of the Female body!

It's hard to explain but The Girls who take care of their Belly are in my mind beautiful more for their Belly Area then Boobs!

I'll say it too I love Belly's more then Boobs! - Curti2594

23 Teeth
24 Noses

Long or symmetrical noses look so pretty on girls! It is also an important body part afterall. - Johnalove

25 Shoulders
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