Best Body Parts on a Male Human


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1 Brain

This deserves to win, so smart

Girl's brains are way better, like wayyy better - Swiftdawn

Wow! Just so sexy (if used properly) It's so wonderful exchanging intelligent conversation with someone who knows what they're talking about.
My top 5:
Brain (one which works)
Heart (kind)
Mouth (plump lips)
Eyes (love green)
Hands (I love rough hands) - Britgirl

2 Penis

If this goes number 1. I will eat 10 ghost peppers - SoloPotato

It's so nice and there is no happiness in girl's lives without them - Swiftdawn

This part is the best! Especially on guys!

Penises are my life.

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3 Heart
4 Eyes
5 Stomach
6 Mouth
7 Legs
8 Ears
9 Neck
10 Butt

Guys buttstock are hotter than girls butts!

Gotta have a butt

The Contenders

11 Belly Button
12 Arms
13 Hands

Men are very Handy sometimes - Curti2594

14 Teeth
15 Testicles
16 Scrotum
17 Chest
18 Feet
19 Nipples

They make my life better

So I was at my friend's house and I was shirtless and playing a game on my phone and he asked me why I looked uncomfortable and I said my chest itches so he started scratching my chest and whenever he touched my nipples I cummed

20 Abdominals
21 Genitals
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