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1 Brain

I couldn't decide between brain and heart. I chose this in the end because there aren't many things more attractive than a man who has a brain and actually knows how to use it. - Britgirl

Incredibly disappointing that breasts are even in the top ten. I believe breathing is extremely important, so nose or mouth should at LEAST be above breasts. Anyway, without brains we wouldn't function or know anything. Heart should also be above breasts. There are some real sick men out there who need to straighten out their priorities -.- - dragonfly99

The brain is a much more powerful thing that you think. What people don't understand is that it is what makes you yourself. It controls you movements, your thinking patterns, the way you see things, the way you want to see things, the freedom of making decisions, emotions, and the feeling of being free. People who do drugs never realize what pain they put themselves into. They not only destroy their brain, but themselves.

Your brain makes you move and think and your heart well just pumps blood

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2 Heart

I thought I was meaningless until I met the girl of my dreams. She's beautiful and I love her more than anyone. And Heck, I'm in middle school. Thanks so much heart.

That's really got nothing to do with your actual heart, young lover - Billyv

Let me get this straight: people find breasts better than the heart, which is where love grows and keeps you ALIVE?!

This list is ####ed up. - Garythesnail

As I said, your brain is where your feelings come from. Not your heart. - RiverClanRocks

Love is the reason people continue living. Can't happen without a heart.

Without a hearth you don't have any life or can't even use other body parts.

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3 Eyes

The eyes are really what draws you to someone attractive. You can sort of talk with your eyes. I think they're beautiful. My eyes are mocha brown with a black ring around the iris and they're really pretty. With your eyes, you can flirt with someone without saying a single word. One time, I saw this guy at the store. He had the most beautiful eyes. They were kind of turquoise and they were amazing. I'll never forget them. Eyes are truly the most amazing parts of us.

I love eyes because as far as I know there's no such thing as ugly eyes. Everyones eyes are beautiful (unless they're bleeding or parcially gauged out but I mean normal eyes). The brain is my second favorite body part (it's so awesome). I don't really understand why someone would like breasts so much. I'm a girl so to me breasts are the reason I have to wear uncomfortable bras and why I keep having to buy new shirts. So I don't like them very much.

Nobody is really judged by their eyes, as they can be by the size of their brains, breasts, or hearts. Looking into somebody's eyes can show you how their feeling, rather than them having to tell you. Eyes are beautiful, coming in different shades of different colors. I feel I could gaze into somebody's eyes my whole life if needed.

Everyone has beautiful eyes and they can be different colors. (Mine are brownπŸ‘€). Without eyes, you wouldn't be able to see anything and they're the first place you look when looking at someone's face. - KilljoyWithAPen

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4 Breasts

Breasts are not the most important thing, but I hate how girls are hypersensitive about the slightest mention of breasts or vaginas, when they have both. They should just ignore the perverts. That's what I would if I were a female - Therandom

Here's my theory: There is an equal amount of men as there is women. Every woman comes with 2 boobs. Therefore boobs overpower us guys. It's overwhelming. - InsertNameHere

How is this number 2? The heart is WAY more important! Without it how would we live? And breats? They're useless. - cosmo

Breasts aren't useless. They produce milk to your children. That's their purpose. - KilljoyWithAPen

The only thing women are good for to be honest.

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5 Mouth

They help you eat, talk, and do other things. Why are breasts higher? - Powerfulgirl10

It helps you eat

We can use it fr many things, and why is breasts and another word for breasts ahead of this, let alone in the top 10? - Turkeyasylum

Because the combination of votes, placement on original list and remixes determines the positions of rankings, that's "why". It's how the site operates. Why do users ask this so often? - Billyv

Uvulas - Goatworlds

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6 Legs

The not very expensive way of travelling

7 Ears
8 Arms

Of course, it's about workout. It's about building muscle. It's about carrying things around - LightningStrike

9 Face
10 Teeth

Wait... I didn't mean to click on this. I was going to reply to someone... Um... Teeth are good for chewing? I have no idea - The_Violist

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11 Penis

This should be number 1. I love my penis and it the most important part about me.

Ding-Dong by King Kong. - fuadmondeo

The vagina may birth us, but our penis is the reason vagina's can give birth. - Therandom

Well actually both penis and vagina are essential for birth. Without either their is not way. - Powerfultekin

its wet

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12 Nose

Noses are overrated - Kreauwen

13 Vagina

Proud owner of a vagina - hsd

The vagina should go just behind the Penis because the vagina is the only thing less important than the penis, but more important than anything else other than the brain and heart. - nelsonerico6

The best part with this is that it gives humans the ability to procreate. Same with the penis. But too much sexual pleasure makes you a maniac.

Agreed. Without these, humans wouldn't exist. But look at item number 2! Perverts. - RiverClanRocks

LOL funny - LightningStrike

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14 Butt

Gotta love that ass

Well if we didn't have one, we'd explode because we'd have no where to expel our crap. - keycha1n

My eyes always start there, if it's good I look at the rest of the package

LOL - LightningStrike

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15 Head
16 Tongue

Tongue is the most important stuff, so, we can taste the food.

17 Neck

I wish I had a neck like Cartoon Paul McCartney...

18 Feet

Tickling people's feet... is addictive.

We need feet to walk - dinosaur

Feet look gross

19 Hands

I love hands. They're meant for holding, touching. I like to think of a guy's hands as fire. They're really hot, and they have a mind of their own. Like fire, a guy's hands aren't in your control. They go where they want, leaving a trail of heat behind them.

Without these, we'll have to use our mouths and feet to pick stuff up... - Powerfulgirl10

Useful to slap someone...

20 Knee

I need my knee so I can knee peoples balls

21 Back
22 Kidney
23 Uvula

Girls uvulas are hot

Awesome - Goatworlds

The hangy thingy at the back of your mouth.

24 Finger

If you know what I mean

I would've started commenting lyrics to I Saw Her Standing There by The Beatles, but now, no - kaitlynrad11

Especially the middle one - Goatworlds

Guitar is life and so is video games

25 Belly Button

Actually I wanted generative organs here but this will do. It's the only real proof we have that we were 'borne'! (I know the spelling is wrong! )

26 Belly

The best videos on youtube

*clicks* NOICE

27 Testicles

I am officially weirded out by this list... - Powerfulgirl10

Pervert girls= Gerverts


28 Hair

Nothing drives me crazier than a girl with soft, pretty hair.

My boyfriend always says my golden-brown hair is super soft and long and he can't stop stroking it - Swiftdawn

A girl with great face and body always needs good hAir

29 Armpit

What y so low?

30 Abs

I have abs and I'm a girl! Probably the ballet, Cheerleading, and Table Tennis - Swiftdawn

This should be a little more up! Please vote! - skaikingston

I added this - Sausagelover99

31 Biceps

If you are a man... Vote for it! - skaikingston

32 Bladder
33 Stomach

It is needed for digestion and to fuel my fetish for vore and belly stuffing

34 Toe Nails

Boring useless part of your body 😐😐

35 Liver
36 Calves
37 Pupil

This is a dead giveaway if someone is attracted to you. If you wanna know if someone is attracted to you, get close, look into their eyes, and if their pupils are dilated (that means big), then they are attracted to you.

38 Chin
39 Toes
40 Ankle
41 Fingernails
42 Muscles
43 Lungs
44 Elbows
45 Wrists

Putting watches and bracelets on your wrists.

Look at the flick of the wrist!

46 Cheeks

Cheeks are rosy, soft and adorable.

47 Eyelashes

Sandy Bacchus's favorite long of body part,
eyelashes. I put eyelashes on the girl dolls.

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