Best Boeing Aircraft


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1 Boeing 777

This is a great aircraft! Because this aircraft is the largest when in terms of twin engined aircrafts. This is also the longest ranged twinjet ever made!

Wow what a boring plane, even the 767 is more exciting, its popular but that makes it even more boring

Good seller and very well rounded plane

1. Largest Non-Double Decker passenger jet
2. It's Boeing
3. Do I really need to say a third reason?

2 Boeing 747

I even noticed the new model 747-8 in both Intercontinental and Freighter versions are equipped with one of the largest jet turbofan engines that are fuel efficient.

3 Boeing 737

Funny Southwest Airlines flight attendants?

4 Boeing 757

The workhorse of the skies and also has one of the best safety records.

5 Boeing 787

The most dangerous Airplane Boeing has ever built... Most companies shy away from it (in favor of the FAR more safe 767 & 777), and those who fly it continue tyo have battery and electrical glitches...

A commercial pilot friend has warned me to NEVER fly the 787, as it's just too dangerous. He would know!

Best plane ever

Composite materials and sold so many so quickly

Seriously: the -9 has a range of NINETY SIX HUNDRED MILES! The A350 was just an Airbussed (made worse, but popular to Airbus-addict airlines) version of the AMAZING Boeing 787 Bestdreamever-Liner

6 Boeing 727
7 Boeing 707
8 Boeing 767

Probably the nicest airplane in the skies, especially the 767-300er and 400er...

9 Boeing 717
10 Boeing 720
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