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1 Boeing 777

This is a great aircraft! Because this aircraft is the largest when in terms of twin engined aircrafts. This is also the longest ranged twinjet ever made!

Wow what a boring plane, even the 767 is more exciting, its popular but that makes it even more boring

Good seller and very well rounded plane

1. Largest Non-Double Decker passenger jet
2. It's Boeing
3. Do I really need to say a third reason?

2 Boeing 747

I even noticed the new model 747-8 in both Intercontinental and Freighter versions are equipped with one of the largest jet turbofan engines that are fuel efficient.

3 Boeing 757

The workhorse of the skies and also has one of the best safety records.

4 Boeing 737

Funny Southwest Airlines flight attendants?

5 Boeing 787

The most dangerous Airplane Boeing has ever built... Most companies shy away from it (in favor of the FAR more safe 767 & 777), and those who fly it continue tyo have battery and electrical glitches...

A commercial pilot friend has warned me to NEVER fly the 787, as it's just too dangerous. He would know!

Composite materials and sold so many so quickly

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6 Boeing 727
7 Boeing 707
8 Boeing 767

Probably the nicest airplane in the skies, especially the 767-300er and 400er...

9 Boeing 717
10 Boeing 720
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