Best Bollywood Movie Albums Composed by Nadeem Shravan

Nadeem Shravan is one of the greatest music director ever in India. Maximum biggest hits of bollywood are of Nadeem Shravan. Here is a list of best bollywood movie albums composed by Nadeem Shravan. Please vote like a judge, not like a fan so that his composed movies can get proper rank.

The Top Ten

1 Aashiqui

No music directors in the history of Indian cinema created music like this. Fantastic music really God gift music. While singing the songs of Aashiqui you will feel the inner depth of the song. Khudos to Sameer for wonderful lyrics. Apart from asshiqui, go for films such as Rang, Junoon, Sapne Saajan Ke, Dil hai ki maanta nahi What a melodious songs. I have almost all the collections of nadeem Shravan.

2 Saajan
3 Raaz
4 Deewana

Who can forget this films songs. I will hug you my favourite music directors. I want to meet you once in a life time

5 Raja Hindustani
6 Raja
7 Phool aur Kaante

Dheere dheere pyar ko bada na hai what a music who can forget Sanu

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8 Salaami
9 Sadak

I am really surprised from where these music giants got such a wonderful music. Really they are God gift to us. Sameer you are also a great

10 Dhadkan

The Contenders

11 Jeet
12 Dil hai tumhara
13 Dil hai ki manta nehin
14 Hungama
15 Bewafa
16 Dil ka rishta
17 Kasoor
18 Rang
19 Saathi
20 Dil ka kya kasoor
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