Best Bombay Bicycle Club Songs

The Top Ten Best Bombay Bicycle Club Songs

1 Always Like This
2 Shuffle
3 Ivy & Gold
4 Luna

Scenic - SpectralOwl

Well this list is obviously old, the new album is by far their best, and its really difficult to pick a song, but I would say luna is beautiful. Never get tired of listening

5 How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep
6 Lights Out, Words Gone

One of the only songs that can make me instantly happy

7 Dust on the Ground

Its just amazing. Sounds so good in the sunshine too. definitely my favourite BBC song.

8 Swansea
9 Leave It
10 Rinse Me Down

The Contenders

11 You Already Know
12 Evening/Morning
13 Still
14 What If
15 Flaws
16 Bad Timing

This song is one of the best tributes to shoegazing music. Such delicate lyrics and it captures the turmoil in the heart perfectly.

17 Feel
18 Overdone
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