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1 Skinny Love

You can't stop listening this song in repeat. First Bon Iver song I listened. Very underrated artist

2 Holocene

And at once, I knew--I was not magnificent

So beautiful.

Holocene is the best song evah!

3 Re: Stacks
4 For Emma

Most emotional song ever. Should be higher

Should be way higher. such a beautiful song.

5 Blood Bank

I love Skinny Love, it's a classic, but honestly it's gotten a little old to me. I keep coming back to Blood Bank for good reason, because it has a total vibe to it

6 Calgary
7 Towers

No words for how amazing this song is.

8 I Can't Make You Love Me

Definitely my top pick! Completely brilliant, so very moving and compelling. The lyrics are phenomenal as always, but Bon Iver's ability to tell a story in 4 minutes is incredible. "I close my eyes, so then I won't see, the love you don't feel, when you're holding me. "

Love Bon Iver and the way he tells a story with his voice and I love his cover of this song

9 33 - "God"
10 Beth/Rest

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? Perth

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11 The Wolves

Best Bon Iver song. Passive-aggressive, emotional, beautiful.

12 8 (Circle)
13 Roslyn
14 Flume - Bon Iver
15 29 #Strafford APTS
16 Creature Fear
17 Minnesota, Wi
18 Michicant
19 Lump Sum
20 Beach Baby
21 Hinnom, TX
22 Woods
23 00000 Million
24 22 (Over Soon)
25 10 (Death Breast)
26 715 (Creeks)
27 666 (Upsidedowncross)
28 21 (Moon Water)
29 45
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1. Skinny Love
2. For Emma
3. Re: Stacks
1. Skinny Love
2. Re: Stacks
3. Holocene
1. Skinny Love
2. Blood Bank
3. I Can't Make You Love Me


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