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1 These Days These Days

Bon jovi has never sounded this good. there are some of the saddest songs in it such as (it's hard) letting you go, something to believe in, lie to me. and some cool riffs such as hey god, damned. and just great songs as these days, this ain't a love song, my guitar lies bleeding. every song on this is just great

Not only a mature sound, it is a brilliant one that showcases the full talent of the band both lyrically and musically - they four of them are on their top; these days, hey god, damned, something to believe in and something for the pain are gems; jon's voice won't be this good after this ever again.

Is the best album of bon jovi, too much, the best album, because change the lyrics & music, is more oriented to alternative rock, the greatest rock song for this album is Hey God (the oppening track) is the dark rock song of bon jovi, & the more rocker song until today, this ain't a love song, a great poem of sadness love, great lyrics, great album the best album, & is the second best album of bon jovi in United Kingdom, 5 stars, classification 10/10

Love this album these days is one of their best written songs this album also had some great solos by Richie like hey God my guitar lies bleeding in my arms

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2 Slippery When Wet Slippery When Wet

every album (except fahrenheit) are awesome... but this one and New Jersey are absolutely one of the greatest albums ever and GREATEST hard rock albums... man this is special!

New Jersey's great, These Days is great, Slippery is a masterpiece however. Any album by the Jov is fantastic though - StevoMuzz

The one that introduced me to them and still the overall most coherent and best flowing album; their best by far!

This is the first Bon Jovi almb I listened to front to finish, and is by far the best album I have heard by any band ever.

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3 New Jersey New Jersey

This is Bon Jovi's best album, The whole album is great. The start of the album is great too, Lay Your Hands on Me is a hell of a way to start off an album, then followed by Bad Medicine. I'll Be there For You is a great rock ballad also, probably one of the best ever written!

It has the best songs such as I'll be there for you, Born to be my baby, Blood on blood, Bad medicine...

The first three songs are epic. Excellent way to start an album

Best album! This and keep the faith is prime jovi

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4 Keep The Faith Keep The Faith

Almost all their albums are great but this one is my favourite. There are killing ballads like In These Arms and Bed Of Roses which has also a spanish version. Also there are songs like I'll Sleep When I'm Dead and If I Was Your Mother with great solos by Richie. Songs like I Believe and Keep The Faith help you to go on in this world and encourage you. But to me the best song in this album and the best Bon Jovi song ever is DRY COUNTY WHICH COMBINES ALL THESE THINGS!

Best BJ album ever. Great fresh hard rock songs like I Believe, Keep the Faith, I'll sleep when I'm dead... Beautiful ballads like In these arms, I want you and Bed of roses. With Fear and If I was your mother there are some heavier songs maybe one of there heaviest songs. Every song is great and goes into your ear. This is the typical Bon Jovi optimism.

Iit is the best because it has the old school songs as IF I WAS YOUR MOTHER and ballads like In These Arms and we can not forget those with style as Sleep When I'm Dead and Keep the Faith. Combines the best styles of Bon Jovi, magnificent.

Keep the Faith and Dry Count. 'enough said.

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5 Have A Nice Day Have A Nice Day

It's a hard choice, but I vote this. But why is Crossroad on the list? It's a compilation album, of course it has the best songs. They have other good albums, These days has the best lyrics, New Jersey is almost as good as HAND, and Bounce has great songs, but this is the best.

One of the best albums with songs like "I Am" "Novocaine" "who says you can't go home" and "have a nice day". Best album of all time.

This is my favorite album but my favorite song is say it isn't so.

For me, the Bon Jovi´┐Ż's work took the top here... This album sounds like a hard rock. It still was Bon Jovi att all. After it, nothing more...

6 Crush Crush

Crush is record which is between 21st century and 80s and it has new touch of bon jovi's new era it has fab tracks like its my life their trademark song then love ballad like thank you for loving me that's why it must be in topp 5 at least... ) - vishwarajvithuvivi

Their last great album, Crush is a fun record made with a back-to basics approach reminiscent of their 80s stuff. Also a great portrait of what the band is about: anthemic and epic rockers (Its my life, just Older, next 100 years), powerful ballads (Thank you for loving, mystery train) and pure pop (captain crash, say it itsnt so). A must-have!

7 Crossroad Crossroad

Definitely the best! Its basically a greatest hits album

This is seriously the best. Livin on a prayer, You give love a bad name, Wanted dead or alive... SERIOUSLY THIS IS #7?!


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8 Bon Jovi Bon Jovi V 2 Comments
9 Bounce Bounce

This is not only my favourite Bon Jovi album, but one of my favourite albums of all time too! Considering pretty much every album they release is at least 8/10 there are a lot to choose from as "the best". It's always a sign of a great album when the singles are all top-quality, but you find even better songs on the album - "You Had Me from Hello", "Right Side of Wrong", "Undivided", "Hook Me Up" and "Bounce" are all incredible. The remaining songs aren't exactly bad either, and I'm certain others would find their favourite Bon Jovi song hidden amongst the track listing on this bad boy.

Everyday this album is Misunderstood. This album and the likes of Slippery When Wet are Undivided. This album went The Distance. Bounce this album up to the top 5, because Bon Jovi is always there to Hook Me Up. Bon Jovi, your fans, are All About Lovin' You.

I'm a little Bias but it was the first album I ever had and the Bounce tour was my first ever concert, maybe not his greatest but there are some such as "Joey" and "The Distance" definitely worth another listen.

10 7800 Fahrenheit 7800 Fahrenheit

Features two absolute great ones! In And Out Of Love is an earth-shattering track and a bit of an underrated one, Tokyo Road has a really catchy beat!

Glam metal is something simple. Party Alcohol and girls... This is the best photograph of that era.

Not an easy choice, but I love the old sound of Bon Jovi!

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11 Lost Highway Lost Highway

Highly under rated album. Good to have a bit of a different vibe once in a while. Honestly think this album brings out Jon's true identity, something he has always wanted to express.

Lost Highway is a great album, and the title track has to be the best song. Such a good rhythm!

My favorite album since Slippery When Wet. I love Lost Highway

Lost highway is the best album.

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12 The Circle The Circle

This record is awesome. I've heard all the bon jovi records (I have all of them), this one may not have the big long guitar solos but it has the most meaningful lyrics. I love every song on this record and I deeply enjoy playing the entire album on guitar.

Beautiful songs, ballad or heavy, from beginning to end.

13 Destination Anywhere Destination Anywhere V 1 Comment
14 This House Is Not For Sale This House Is Not For Sale

Really new so ill be the first to say this album is great.

Great Album. The best.

Like this album a lot some very strong songs welll worth a listen

Brillant album. They have really made a classic.

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15 Blaze Of Glory (Young Guns Soundtrack) Blaze Of Glory (Young Guns Soundtrack)

Have to say it's the best simply for Blaze of Glory, a really good song to listen/jog/work out/play to, the opening, wavering guitar chords and the chorus make it an unforgettable classic!

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16 What About Now? What About Now?

Just the best. Definitely the most underrated BJ album there is. All of them are good, has some great ones like Pictures of You and That's What the Water made me, but without a doubt the creme de la creme's of the album are I'm With You (The entire chorus is epic) and Because We Can (Hitting straight into the song with the amazing chorus")

17 Burning Bridges Burning Bridges
18 One Wild Night: Live 1985-2001 One Wild Night: Live 1985-2001

should be a 2cd box but it's also ok like this - richie4life

19 Greatest Hits Greatest Hits
20 This Left Feels Right This Left Feels Right
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