Best Bond Girls of the '80s


The Top Ten

1 Tanya Roberts as Stacey Sutton - A View to a Kill

Wonderfully beautiful and sexy girl. Tanya became one of the biggest sex symbols of the 80's after this film - Alexandr

2 Kim Basinger as Domino Petachi - Never Say Never Again

Kim was brilliant, not to mention sexy. Her part should have been bigger in this film - Alexandr

3 Carey Lowell as Pam Bouvier - Licence to Kill

Carey played an ex-Army pilot and CIA informant. She did a great job though - Alexandr

4 Maud Adams as Octopussy - Octopussy

The title character, who is a Jewel smuggler and wealthy businesswoman. - Alexandr

5 Maryam d'Abo as Kara Milovy - The Living Daylights

She had a lot of work to do because she was the only Bond girl in this film and Maryam was great - Alexandr

6 Talisa Soto as Lupe Lamora - Licence to Kill

Another underrated Bond girl that deserved more of screen time - Alexandr

7 Grace Jones as May Day - A View to a Kill

She was creepy but I like her - Alexandr

8 Barbara Carrera as Fatima Blush - Never Say Never Again

Very beautiful, hot but so witch! - Alexandr

9 Lynn-Holly Johnson as Bibi Dahl - For Your Eyes Only

An ice-skating prodigy who is training with the financial support of Kristatos. - Alexandr

10 Carole Bouquet as Melina Havelock - For Your Eyes Only
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