Best Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Albums

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1 East 1999 Eternal

Just like the other comment here, the only thing that makes sense in this list is that east 1999 eternal in #1, how come s&l, thug world order, bone brothers (which shouldn't even be on the list) are ahead of art of war and btnhressurection (which is last! )

I find it very strange... for me after east 1999 eternal their best album is art of war and then btnh resurrection can't understand their places in this list...


This is easily the greatest bone thugs n harmony album, not only that but the greatest album of all time is another way to put because I never heard an album that had 14 great tracks the only ones that weren't so good was die die and of Mr ouji2 but other than that Thisbe album isn't great and why ain't creepin on ah come up #2 what is this? That album was great 2 the only stupid thing is Mr ouji but thuggish ruggish bone, foe the love of money, creepin on ah come up, no surrender and down for my thang come on guys. - JCchrom3

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2 Art of War

This is one of the most deadly albums of ALL time and I say this with ease. Many say Eternal is #1 which is true to a certain extent, but the AOW shows bone at their peak and just how deadly they can be during times of war. Eternal was more of "This is who we are" while AOW was like "bringing a knife to a nuclear war". Although the majority of their hits are on Eternal and creepin on ah come up, their greatest work is on the AOW.

3 Strength & Loyalty

Sick flow, sick beats and dope lyrics, too bad bizzy ain't in it. The three of em killed every single song in the album. If you don't believe me listen to flow motion, wind blows and streets

4 Creepin' On Ah Come Up

Damn where's the love for this album? This was their rawest in my opinion

Why tf is this so low? This is absolutely #2 - JCchrom3

5 BTNHResurrection

This should be the third best btnh album this was another masterpiece by them. Murder one and righteous ones were always my favorite and then that had the weed song, ecstasy and other stuff that were great also. Glad flesh was in a lot of them - JCchrom3


Out of all their albums. this one in the ruthless era had all their members in almost every single track. I like all their other albums but is this one is where flesh n bone shine even though he wouldn't be able to be in the music video or the booklet of the albums because you know why. I wish flesh n bone would appear more tracks in e. 1999 eternal and the art of war that album was a double studio album and he only appear on six track! get me upset

6 The Collection, Volume 1
7 The Collection, Volume 2
8 Thug World Order
9 Greatest Hits
10 Faces Of Death

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11 Bone Brothers
12 Uni-5: The World's Enemy
13 Art of War: World War III
14 Thugs Stories

In my opinion, this album should be tied with Bone's #1 album...which ever that one is. This is a very special album. Every song on it is tight. There are so many different flows. If this album was re-released today, and all be fair in the music business, it would certainly be a number one hit album. It's hard for me to explain in the few minutes I'm typing now. You have to get it, and "listen" to it. Listen to the beat, the harmony, and more importantly...what they are saying. I still listen to this album today...2016...and I can hear something new that I haven't heard before. I love this album...even without Bizzy and Flesh. This is a classic, just like about 5 or 6 other albums Bone put out. And I'm an OG...57 years old, and one of Bone's biggest fans. Thanks for reading!

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