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21 Shoot 'Em Up

The flowing style, the message that it gives makes me wanting to shoot em up

Listen n read the lyrics 4 this song n you wll understand y it should b higher krayzie layzie n bizzy was awesome

22 Look Into My Eyes
23 Down '71

This song went so hard that Wish couldn't even keep up and wasn't in the song. It just never gives in from start to finish.

This song was of the hook wow

I just Heard Dis Song Recently N Dam Layzie Was the Best But Bizzy N Krayzie Was Very Good 2

I care you minnd flazie retrit

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24 Mind On Our Money
25 Rebirth

Went a little bit more mainstream, but still a good beat and great flow - BTNHarmony

Probably the best krayzie and bizyt bone verse

26 U Ain't Bone
27 Lil L.O.V.E ft Mariah Carey & Bow Bow
28 Home

Even though it is a remake it is the best!

29 The Struggle
30 Body Rott

Sweet song easily one of there best ones so everyone should really give it a listen

31 Flow Motion

This is one of the first songs that I heard by them, and I immediately became addicted to them

32 Shotz to Tha Double Glock
33 Young Thugs
34 Meet Me in the Sky
35 "Eternal"

This Song Has A Good Melodic Style.

36 Ruthless
37 Certified Thugs
38 Everyday Thugs
39 Mind of a Souljah

Sick song strong chorus!

40 Buddah Lovaz

Best song to get high too!

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