Best Bonnie Raitt Songs


The Top Ten

1 Not the Only One
2 I Can't Make You Love Me
3 Come to Me
4 The Glow
5 Something to Talk About
6 Guilty
7 Luck of the Draw
8 Finest Lovin' Man

Love love LOVE this song! There are just some songs that get to your heart. This song is one of them. Incredible sound. - Britgirl

9 Louise
10 Love Me Like a Man

I played this on a loop while travelling into town. It took me back to those early days of listening to Blues. This was possibly the very first one that captured me; so much heart and soul. This will always be one of my favourites, not just as one of her songs but as a song in general. - Britgirl

The Newcomers

? Slow Ride
? Write Me a Few of Your Lines / Kokomo Blues

The Contenders

11 Runaway
12 Sugar Mama
13 Not Cause I Wanted To

This is so moving; so touching, sad and so very beautiful. It makes my heart ache and my eyes teary. - Britgirl

14 I Feel the Same
15 Blender Blues
16 Hell to Pay
17 Thing Called Love

Listening to this at the moment. I feel like dancing around my kitchen whilst playing air guitar. Great song. - Britgirl

18 Give It Up or Let Me Go
19 Never Make Your Move Too Soon
20 Gnawin' on It
21 Split Decision
22 About to Make Me Leave Home
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