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1 Harry Potter

This series made my childhood worthwhile. It has everything you would want from a book. Fantastic characters, great plot, twists and turns and a fabulous author. These will become classics with the like of To Kill a Mockingbird. - neemsay

Don't even try to deny it. Harry Potter is, and will always remain the best book series of all time. The characters stayed by our side through thick and thin. We laughed and cried with them. At one point, we all sat desperately at the edge of our beds, hoping for our Hogwarts Acceptance letter to arrive. When it never came, we cried. We dressed up as our favorite characters for Halloween. We dressed up as our favorite characters for no apparent reason. We watched all the movies and read all the books. We actually binge-watched/read them. Then, when that was all over, we watched and read them again to get rid of our Post-Potter Trauma (PPT). We were there during the battle of Hogwarts, during Buckbeak's execution, during Harry's first Quidditch game, during Ron and Hermione's first kiss (which was quite awkward), and finally, when Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny watched their kids boarding the Hogwarts Express. That's when we cried the hardest, knowing the series was over. Our lives ...more

There are no words to describe how amazing the wizarding world is. I have never been a part of it, but I feel like I could walk down Diagon Alley and not get lost ;P

Hands down.

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2 Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Because I said so, that's why.. And why not. We need a new era! Instead of harry potter! I personally enjoyed the books, and I was laughing the whole way through! But that's just my opinion.

I honestly have never read a better series. (Well this includes the Heroes of Olympus but whatever). The plot, characters, and well the GREEK MYTHOLOGY is amazing! It's funny, adventurous, and well it has everyone falling in love with the characters, as well as the couples (hint hint). I feel like stabbing anyone who hasn't read the series with a Celestial Bronze dagger (but it won't hurt them anyways so...). Rick Riordan is a god that has earned my respect.

Percy Jackson is like sooo awesome that my fantasy world revolved around him and his companions! Rick Riordan is an epic writer and his writing actually made me FALL IN LOVE WITH A CHARACTER! A CHARACTER! It was Nico, by the way. I laughed with them and I cried with them. Percy Jackson is the reason I drift off in class imagining my life as a demigod, he is the reason behind the fact that I burst into laughter at random moments in class while the entire class thinks I am a freak. He is the reason I have hope that I can acquire true friends, true love and awaken the hero inside me.

I salute you Rick!

I love his books I've read the whole Percy Jackson series, he takes extreme measures and never gives up. AND he's THE SON OF POSIEDEN, he's ONE OF THE MOST STRONGEST DEMIGODS< IN GREEK MYTHOLYGY he's STRONGER THAN JASON GRACE SON OF ZEUS. BUT I DO NOT KNOW about his girl friend Annabeth chase, or Jason Grace's sister. AND I'm JUST A KID!

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3 Lord of the Rings

Expansive and accurate universe, amazing story line, and excellent writing. What more could you ask for? I'm honestly alright with Harry Potter and The Hunger Games in the top five, but Diary of a Wimpy Kid?! Percy Jackson and the Olympians?! I mean, I agree, they are quite humorous, but you've got to look at the writing style. Tolkien is serious and concentrated in his art, but Riordan and Kinney? Far too casual for my liking. And for heaven's sake, must I still point this out to everyone? Tolkien CREATED a whole WORLD with his books. Ents? Orcs? Hobbits? ALL Tolkien. Plus the characters are so well-written, especially Gollum/Smeagol. Greg Heffley, from my point of view, is just a whiny little boy with no idea of how the world works nor any initiative to find that out. Percy Jackson, I must say, is a great character, but the series should belong somewhere from 6th to 10th. Wimpy Kid should just huddle down in 40th. The Lord of the Rings in my opinion, is THE greatest set of books ...more

Boring beyond belief. I'm sorry but these are the most overrated books ever. I will concede that the world is amazing which is why it went onto the big screen so well. But the books are unspeakably boring and drag on go eternity. The characters (save a select few) are flat and boring. The actual writing is extremely dull. I could go on about how bad they are. Sorry I know people love them but they are just very overrated.

Thank you because I completely agree. While Tolkien created an entire world it didn't improve the story at all as there was so much exposition for everything. The characters are dull and the writing is monotonous. These books are pretty bad in my opinion. - HarryPotter12

This was the most epic thing I have ever in my life read through. It beats measly books about kids in magic school, as well as children of gods in a heart beat. Its about a flipping Whole other world with magic, and thousands of pages of lore, and an incredible story of the clashing between power and weakness, about good and evil as well and the toying with consciousness that Tolkien has. This series is a godsend.


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4 The Hunger Games

I really love this series! Oh my gosh! I love how Suzanne Collins writes. It is a great story line. I mean where does she come up with this stuff? I mean it has all my favorite genres of books like action, romance and it is all around great with all the intense stuff. I love how much detail is in the book. It is basically my favorite series to read. It is so interesting. Love all the characters in the book too. The only thing I don't really like about the book is that pretty much all of the amazing characters die! (and that romance with Gale and Peeta both liking Katniss). But overall, it was the best series I've ever read! Great job, Suzanne Collins! I rate this 10/10!

This book is amazing! Why isn't it higher?! It should be, like, number two, after Harry Potter, because that is a really good series too, but this is just as good.

The Hunger Games is about fighting to the death, action, survival, romance (well who cares about KISSY KISSY) and some pretty amazing gore! And it's intense! I mean, I couldn't put it down. Literally. It was math and I was secretly reading it. But the the teacher found out.

The s*** really hit the fan then. But that's the whole point! It was that good. That I was risking reading this in class. 10/10. Bravo!

I really recommend this book to people that like reading intense books.

The hunger games to me is the best book series I have ever read. It has a very nice love triangle and I love how the author is so creative. You can already tell it is a good series because there are three books and there are four movies as to maze runner and the 5th wave there is only 1 movie even though there are more than one book. I have read the hunger games more than I can count and I still love it. The movies are bomb and the casting was so perfect! I cannot imagine life without the hunger games! I rate this a 10 out of 10. It is definitely a must read. Great job Suzanne Collins! You are the best!


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5 Warriors

"Warriors is a book that will enter your Heart. Warriors is not girly, its about cats fighting for their Clans loyally. Warriors is a page-turner with lots of Drama and grief will make a way into your heart. The truth is words cannot describe this wonderful book, for Warriors will forever be my favorite. There will be no other book to match its awesome story of courage and bravery, and also adventure. Warrior Forever!

Best series ever! Warriors will never bore you, for both genders, it's a great series. It creates suspense, and you will grow to be emotionally attached to the characters. Original, the only thing I can think of that's close to this is Tailchaser's Song. With an entire fan base, this series is by far one of the most popular EVER! Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Lord of the Rings can't COMPARE to this. Definitely deserves to be higher. This series has a mix of all kinds of characters, evil, ambitious, loyal, kind, pretty much anything! There seems to be a character for everyone. Definitely my favorite series, you'll never want to put any of the books down!

How is Hunger Games and Harry Potter and Wimpy Kid ahead of this, Warrior is my favorite book series, Unlike Hunger Games, it's so unpredictable, unlike Harry Potter, it drags you in after a few pages, unlike Wimpy Kid, It had good characters and humor. Plus the chararthers never get boring, because every book they change, the battles are just pure awesome. EVERYTHING IS GREAT, by the way Hunger Games is the most predictable thing ever, Harry Potter takes forever to get to some action, and Wimpy Kid isn't funny, it's just a lot of poop. Plus Warriors is very original, only thing I can relate it to is The Lion King, because of the stars in the says represent dead cats. Otherwise, it is awesome and super original, lastly, it's a heart braking series, book 5 made my cry a river of tears. It's the best book series I ever read.

I'm sorry but if you are judging a book by the fact that it has lots of action the you've got your priorities wrong. - HarryPotter12

Warriors are THE best things that ever happened to me! You will fall in love with every single one! Well, except Hawkfrost, Darktail, Tigerstar and warriors like that. Warriors will become like another family, I love them like a family, these also aren't kids books, adults would be swallowed up in the touching world of warriors just as much as any kid, warriors will stick with you forever! Also a Thunderclan warrior- Swiftdawn

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6 Diary of a Wimpy Kid

This should NOT be in the top ten! Yes it is popular, but not a good read. It's not something that will keep you occupied and really you are not even reading! You are looking at pictures half the pages!

This is adored because it is popular actually it's the worst book I ever read - Du

It stinks. It's so childish and how can it be above the Warriors and Narnia and Hobbits and The Heroes of Olympus? I mean yeah it could be funny but this whole story isn't serious and they haven't got any point. I just couldn't believe this is in top 5

Yeah I know many people think it shouldn't be in the top ten... But I'll tell u why it does deserve a place...because these are one of d best book series for children... Yah I agree maybe it's not for adults but even children's opinion must be taken into account n I think this is one of d most popular book series for children in this generation... These books are great to instill reading habits in children n these books are awesome for beginners as these books are very relatable, funny, light hearted and easy to finish... It's the best for children and beginners...N the quality might not be the best n it might not deserve a place here if only quality is measured but I think even people's choice must be taken into account and that too all types of people... Not just adult or ya...

Helped me love reading!

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7 A Song of Ice and Fire

Best book series ever to be created. Dark, witty, and on an absolute epic scale with a vast array of characters. You will find no good or evil in these books - Just differing shades of grey.

Hey why this is so low on the list absolute number 1 may be harry potter series might give a fight along with Heroes of olympus come on it's a disgrace to keep this so low

Giant world with 1000s of characters. so many hidden plots and secret meanings. the best books I have ever read by a very long shot and I have read almost all the books on this list.

The best book series ever. Can not put the books down to even sleep.

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8 The Heroes of Olympus

You're kidding me! This series should have been number one! Rick Riodan is THE BEST AUTHOR EVER! His books are hilarious as well as action packed and adventurous. If you've read Percy Jackson and the Olympians and think it's good and I agree with you but Heroes of Olympus is even better! The books might not be written the most seriously but that's a good thing as it connects you more to the books so you feel more involved. Another really good thing that about Rick Riodan's writing is that it relates you to real life problems in a very interactive way. I could give you loads of examples but I don't want to spoil the books for you.

Heroes of Olympus was probably the best series I've read. I laughed at the characters and when my friend told me a spoiler about my favourite character I literally screamed during class time! The books are just so epic so if your wondering if you want to read Heroes of Olympus read Percy Jackson and the Olympians first AND THEN READ HEROES OF OLYMPUS! ...more

This is the BEST SERIES EVER! I loved it so much! It is so interesting, action-packed and AWESOME! This should even be above Percy Jackson and the Olympians! The characters are amazing, the story is amazing, and the way Rick Riordan writes it is amazing! It is also Super funny! He adds so many jokes that will make you crack up! You Must Read the Heroes of Olympus!

Even though each book was 50+ chapters (the forth was seventy seven) the took me a week while the rest only took me THREE DAYS! I just love it so much I couldn't put it down. A must for Percy Jackson fans. I love how it used shifting views unlike Percy Jackson so by the end of the books, they used nine character's views in total which made each chapter so interesting. It was also diverse but not in your face look how politically correct I am. And the ending, well I won't spoil it but I was so happysad when I finished it.

My favorite books.

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9 The Chronicals of Narnia

Love it so much. Love the movies too. I totally believe in Narnia. I've actually written a letter to the actresses who plays Lucy, Georgie Henley! Yeah that's how much I LOVE it... I hope you do too.

It' a great book. Couldn't put it down. The movie is quite different. Enjoy them both.

Why is this 8th?! When I saw this incredibly amazing series' rank, I nearly cried. It''s... I don't know.


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10 Maze Runner Series

Why is this not bigger on the list? Any Hunger Games fans would love this - the Maze Runner (the first book) is like the Hunger Games (also the first book), with being trapped in a foreign place and needing to get out alive, both places are set in a rather post-apocalyptic world (admittedly The Maze Runner more than The Hunger Games), the only difference is that The Maze Runner has a much wider variety of settings and the plot line, though still pretty much 'overthrow the evil guys who threw us in this hellhole', is much deeper with more twists and stuff.

Also, let's face it, the ending for The Maze Runner was better, Mockingjay ending on such a sad note (I cried when Prim died... still do sometimes), and after all the trouble Team Katniss (yup, I'm calling it that) went through, Prez Snow just didn't seem to get what he deserved, making life hell for all the people in the districts, then dying by CHOKING on BLOOD. He deserved to die... slowly... painfully... where at least ...more

Why is The Maze Runner so underrated? It should be one of the top 5 (The Hunger Games is a pretty good series). Why I love The Maze Runner :
1. THE PLOT - Well written and nerve wrecking. All of the books just gives you this BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM kind of feels. My heart honestly stopped pumping after the first chapter of The Maze Runner.
2. THE CHARACTERS - Where do I start.. Where do I start.. All so different from one another, you just fell in love with ALL of them (It's true! ) The characters are not just some desperate teenagers who need to escape the maze, but strong individuals who has the determination and strive to survive.
3. You just can not NOT love The Maze Runner. You can't. It's impossible.

I absolutely love any rick Riordan book but the maze runner books captivated me more than anything, I was always on edge always enticed by its drama and action and mystery also I just want to say newt was favorite and Teresa should not be with thomas.

Absolutely amazing

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11 Survivors

It's a bit hard to get into at first, but the series immediately improved and got better as time went on.

Starts out boring but gets better and better and is now one of my favorite book series!

It goes seekers, either survivors or warriors. Then the rest of you books. Sorry but I love Erin Hunters books.

It's ok. Definitely not the best book series ever though. - ClovertheAverageCat

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12 Lemony Snicket's: A Series of Unfortunate Events book set

These books are excellently written, and have a great emotion set for the story at the very beginning. The characters have interesting personalities. One thing that really strikes me is that no matter how dark these books get, a bit of humor is snuck in at some points. Despite being said that it is entertaining for 5th-6th graders, I'm in high school and I still admire these books (In fact, I'm reading the Carnivorous Carnival right now). Personally, I think this series deserves more respect than Harry Potter. Now, I love Harry Potter, but I think it was pretty lazily written. There is one out of many exciting mysteries in this book that really makes you think hard, and isn't solved until you read the final word of the last book. The main thing that stands out in this series to me is that it ACTUALLY PORTRAYS CHILDREN CORRECTLY! Not many books, not Harry Potter, not The Chronicles of Narnia, could do this right. Well, I think I'm just about done with my praise rant. Again, this series ...more

It is a very good series, with excellent clarification on words that are harder to pronounce. This series is very exciting, and makes you want to keep reading. I finished this series in one month because of how exciting and interesting it is. It is delightfully funny, and makes you smile. There are many mysteries in it, and then later gets solved later in the series. There is always a surprise in each book. All of the characters have an important role in something. When you read the books in the series, it seems like your really there! I hope you will read this amazing series as well.

I think these books are alright at best (mediocre at worst). It's not that I don't particularly like them, it's just that compared to all these other books, it's not all that great. I think it would mostly be fourth and fifth graders who would like these books, and when they argue it's better than Harry Potter and have never actually read Harry Potter, it starts to get annoying. I am a little kid, and I personally would rather read Harry Potter.

Yay Harry Potter!

Funny, yet also dark, and mysterious, great characters, and clever writing

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13 Goosebumps

I can not believe that this is so low on the list, how did twilight get higher than this? That's so sad! These books are classics from childhood, every book had a twisted plot that left you wondering what was next, then right at the end it it twists and surprises you every time. And just as they say, readers beware you're in for a scare.

Yes Harry Potter is number 1 and that series TOTALLY deserves it! Goosebumps is good too! It should be probably number5 or 6 because it is much better than other books!

After I read the book "The Haunted School", I can't sleep until about 3 o'clock in the midnight! The whole series is terrifying and creepy but the series deserves a 5-star rating. I enjoyed the books. Continue writing,R.L. Stine!

Do not deserves to be at 11. Cut one. Deserves to be at top 1. No one can compete it. Wrong choice to keep it at 11. Sorry, but the one who made the list is creephead. AnSh ThAkUr.

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14 Seekers

I like this series. It's not as exciting as Warriors or Survivors, but I like bears, and I'm glad I gave this series a chance when it came out. - Wildstar93

I've read one book... ITS PURE POOP. Warriors is better

Love it. But it's probably my least fave Erin Hunter series. - PopcornPelican

I never made it past 5 chapters, BOOK IS POOP - YOLOCATMEOW

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15 Divergent

I'll admit not bad, however much is repeated from The Hunger Games in my opinion. I've read both series and although I like The Hunger Games better, I think this deserves to be somewhere at least in the top 15.

I really did like reading this series! It was amazing, really. I think that it should be like top 15 or something. I do like this series. Veronica Roth did an excellent job writing this book. Such detail and power in this book! Really good job, Veronica. Very well done!

This book is amazing. In my opinion it's better than Hunger Games.

Best series ever. it should be at least #4 behind Harry Potter but I think it's even better than Hunger Games.

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16 The Hobbit

This isn't a series its just one book as anyone would no if they'd not just watched the films and put in on this list for that exact reason

The Lord of the Rings is a trilogy, but the Hobbit is just one book. STOP WATCHING MOVIES AND READ A DAMN BOOK!

One book, not a series.

In the hole In the ground, there lived a hobbit.

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17 39 Clues

Terrible. Plot is boring and never gets interesting. Action scenes last for a couple pages and are not even suspenseful. Probably the worst problem though, is that they are all written by different authors, therefore each book has a different writing style.

Have you ever noticed that the title doesn't match the main idea of the book? Totally weird. Books were bad and it never gets interesting. I recommend Harry Potter. Totally

I think there are just too many books in the series. By the time I reached the end I forgot what happened in the first book.

This is a horrible series.
Shouldn't be even on this list.
Can't imagine it.

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18 The Inheritance Cycle

This series is so complex! The dragon riders are so powerful, but Christopher Paolini takes it beyond the all awesomeness of the dragon riders' magic, he creates an entirely new world just like J.R.R. Tolkien and creates entire nations. Different languages, histories, ranges of living, traditions, it's so complex! I've tried getting that deep in the book I'm writing, and let me tell you, it's very hard. Epic series, the best books EVER!

It is rather humorous that I consider myself both a Dragon Rider and Demigod and it seems like there is a bit of friction between the two groups on this list I can understand why- they are both two completely different book series with completely different styles. Despite my alliance to both, I have to agree that The Inheritance cycle is superior to Percy Jackson & The Heroes of Olympus. (I feel like such a traitor right now. ) Personally for me, the world Paolini created is just so beautiful and so vast and just so plain magical it cannot not be one of the best book series out there... My experience with these books will never be recreated.

This is such a great series that when I wanted to go to bed or do something else I couldn't! I just had to keep reading this. I can't believe it but it isn't over yet! The whole series was thought out so beautifully. I love how creative Christopher and everyone who helped him was, they didn't steal any ideas from any other books! Overall the whole series is 10/10

This book series is what got me started reading in the first place. However the ending was a bit anti-climatic.

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19 Geronimo Stilton

Wow, I remember this, in 2nd grade, me and my class would just collect all the books and keep them for ourselves. Same thing with Captain Underpants. - PeeledBanana

Books are funny for young kids like for first and second graders! Too easy for others though

I used to love these books when I was younger! - PrettyLittleLiars_BiggestFan

I love the Thea Stilton books more (Geronimo ones besides The Kingdom of Fantasy are kinda boring) because they have more mystery in them, but can sometimes be boring as heck. Best ones are Hollywood Hoax and Mystery in Paris. - galaco

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20 Artemis Fowl

F you twilight. This kid has more brains and power in his pinky than a vampire dose let alone a werewolf - arkwrite

12 year old MasterBrain and a thief clever enough to steal sacred things from the fairies. How in the world did Twilight get in front of this masterpiece? Many of you people have not read this book

Love it, love it, LOVE IT! I read "Artemis Fowl:The Eternity Code" and it actually had me crying! I can't believe Butler gto shot instead of Artemis! But he IS a Butler, after all.

This should be number 1 in my opinion

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