Top Ten Best Book Series

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1 Harry Potter

This series made my childhood worthwhile. It has everything you would want from a book. Fantastic characters, great plot, twists and turns and a fabulous author. These will become classics with the like of To Kill a Mockingbird. - neemsay

Don't even try to deny it. Harry Potter is, and will always remain the best book series of all time. The characters stayed by our side through thick and thin. We laughed and cried with them. At one point, we all sat desperately at the edge of our beds, hoping for our Hogwarts Acceptance letter to arrive. When it never came, we cried. We dressed up as our favorite characters for Halloween. We dressed up as our favorite characters for no apparent reason. We watched all the movies and read all the books. We actually binge-watched/read them. Then, when that was all over, we watched and read them again to get rid of our Post-Potter Trauma (PPT). We were there during the battle of Hogwarts, during Buckbeak's execution, during Harry's first Quidditch game, during Ron and Hermione's first kiss (which was quite awkward), and finally, when Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny watched their kids boarding the Hogwarts Express. That's when we cried the hardest, knowing the series was over. Our lives ...more

This series has inspired millions with its excellent characters and fantastic plot. This was one of the first fantasy books I ever read and it taught me many lessons while also allowing me to travel to a place rarely visited in my head. I believe the main appeal of this book to be the relatable, lovable characters and the imaginative school that we all wish we could go to. For me, personally, I find Hogwarts to be a comfort place now and I can always pick up a book and read it. It never gets old!

This series is one of the best series in the world. It inspired me to write stories as a child. It has everything a good book needs, a school we all wish we could go to, a sport we all wish we could play (Quidditch), animals we wish we all wish we could meet or own (hipporgriffs, A Phoenix, An owl and maybe a basilisk) and amazing characters.

2 Percy Jackson and the Olympians

This is my personal Favorite series of all time. When I was ten, I read a page or two of the Lightning Thief and Stopped! Big mistake. I decided to read it again when I was 14 for a QRA when I Couldn't find anything else. I started it, and I was immediately hooked. I finished the whole series in less than a week, Which I thought was cool. I don't like reading a book unless it is interesting. And this was beyond interesting. It was amazing! They are awesome! I just love the way the characters all slowly build up and learn what they are supposed to become throughout the series. In the beginning, Percy wasn't the strongest, Bravest, Coolest, Best-looking, or Funniest. But that didn't matter. He became the greatest Hero ever! Grover Finds his purpose in the book with Pan and who he must become. Annabeth finds her own path and shows her intelligence, Bravery, and Compassion throughout the story. Each and every Novel was Thrilling, Funny, Heart Warming, Mysterious, Tear Jerking, Dramatic, ...more

In my opinion, it's the greatest series ever written because, I mean we get so close to characters. WE see them, we feel them. WE are them. While reading Harry Potter, I was like - I hate Harry's excessive anger issues and he's annoying sometimes and Ginny deserved a better role but this book is awesome, so I'll read. But Percy Jackson, the original series was like diving into a pool filled only with things you can love - the ugly things had at least one pretty things, it was feminist, too and made me feel real, alive. I couldn't stop thinking about it. It's not the world itself, it's the characters, their deeds, their challenges and their mistakes. It's a perfect series which builds up so much pressure, until the last chapter. (Spoilers)

Knowing that they won the war wasn't enough, we needed Annabeth and Percy together. We needed Rachel, Luke's wish, Grover's acceptance, Tyson's growth, just about everything. By the third book, things were intense and the fourth book is so ...more

Percy Jackson is my favorite book series, and nothing would change that. The book itself was really interesting to read, character developments were amazing the characters themselves were amazing too. In this book we are able to get to know the characters, we know what's happening ad it's really interesting. The plot isn't really cliche. Each novel in this series made my heart do a thing, after reading this series, I couldn't just stop reading them, until now I still reread each and every one of these novels and take time for them. This story also doesn't just focus on the romance of Annabeth and Percy, it focuses on the characteristics of them. Everything in this book series is amazing, this series made me laugh with the characters, it made me cry with them, and when ____ died, I died with him. For me, nothing can ever break my love for the Percy Jackson series - hooman_

You can't stop it. Or repudiate it. Not at all. Never ever.

Of course, all of my friends all liked Harry Potter and insulted the Percy Jackson series, which made no sense since they didn't even read the Percy Jackson series (stupidity strikes through). No one can NEVER deny it. Percy Jackson is the best series ever, in the world, in the universe. It is, and always will be. Not even the Harry Potter series can beat the amount of emotions I feel for this series.

To prove my friends wrong, I read the book. I half expected my friends to be right - a lame, boring book series about random boring things that no reader can stand. I was proven wrong right there - the minute I read the first chapter of the Lightning Thief. Of course, all PJO (Percy Jackson and the Olympians) fans all start off, experiencing a book like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, or maybe, some sort of stupid, corny book with lame jokes. Whichever Percy Jackson fan you will ask, they will say the same thing: "I've ...more

3 The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is amazing! Much better than other books like Harry Potter, which I can't stand. I mean, if you like it, that's cool, but I much prefer The Hunger Games.

The Hunger Games is way better than Harry Potter! Seriously, the Hunger Games doesn't get nearly as much credit as it deserves. It's inspiring, well written, and Katniss is an amazing heroine. I mean, come on people! She volunteered for a fight to the death to save her little sister! I bet Hermione wouldn't do something like that.

I have to disagree the Hunger games is an action packed series but the friendships, characters, the writing style and even the Romance is really weak and annoying. - Potterhead2001

I love The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, but for me, Mockingjay just didn't hit me like the other two did. Also, the movies weren't too great either. - Swiftdawn

The Hunger Games is the best!

4 Lord of the Rings

Expansive and accurate universe, amazing story line, and excellent writing. What more could you ask for? I'm honestly alright with Harry Potter and The Hunger Games in the top five, but Diary of a Wimpy Kid?! Percy Jackson and the Olympians?! I mean, I agree, they are quite humorous, but you've got to look at the writing style. Tolkien is serious and concentrated in his art, but Riordan and Kinney? Far too casual for my liking. And for heaven's sake, must I still point this out to everyone? Tolkien CREATED a whole WORLD with his books. Ents? Orcs? Hobbits? ALL Tolkien. Plus the characters are so well-written, especially Gollum/Smeagol. Greg Heffley, from my point of view, is just a whiny little boy with no idea of how the world works nor any initiative to find that out. Percy Jackson, I must say, is a great character, but the series should belong somewhere from 6th to 10th. Wimpy Kid should just huddle down in 40th. The Lord of the Rings in my opinion, is THE greatest set of books ...more

This book series is so good that Tolkein is getting his own movie. JK Rowling ain't getting that. The amount of emotional immersion and artistry this series has blows my mind. The words themselves crack open your imagination to its wildest and most vivid extent. The amount of emotional depth the characters have is mind-boggling, and I cried at the end. I cried over a book. And let us not forget the true defining feature of this series: its world. It creates a vast and powerful world full of awesomeness. I think if I put the effort into it, I could be a pretty good writer, but as good as this? Hell no! I think a part of Potter's popularity over this is that it is more recent a book, so more people have read it. But Potter, and fantasy novels as a whole, would possibly not exist without this.

First off, LOTR is one book divided into three parts, not really a book series, but whatever. This book is amazing. It has its own language, its own Gods, and Middle-Earth becomes so immense and realistic. Once you read this book, you'll think, wow, this is epic, but then realize that the main villain is a servant of the main villain in the Silmarillion, Morgoth, the second most powerful being in all of Arda, unless Tom Bombadil was taken into account. The whole world was built and perfected before the books were written. It was so good that even the movies were amazing. His other books do read like encyclopedias, though, besides The Hobbit, which was also amazing but directed more towards younger audiences.
All that is gold does not glitter
Not all those who wander are lost
The old that is strong does not wither
Deep roots are not reached by the frost
From the ashes, a fire shall be woken
A light from the shadows shall spring
Renewed shall be blade that was ...more - SpaceHazard

A unique fantasy world that inspired countless others.

5 Warriors

I absolutely LOVE the Warrior series. Even though at times it can be racist, brutal, and sometimes political, I still adore the series. I love Harry Potter, don't get me wrong, but in my opinion, Warriors is #1. The series makes you want to keep reading because there is a secret that can be uncovered at any moment (basically it keeps the suspense really well and the emotion is very high). This can be compared to the works of authors like Edgar Allan Poe. It is also very different, it has a cats' perspective, which is interesting.It sort of helps people know what it's like to be a wild cat. This series also teaches very important life lessons such as loyalty, respect, responsibility, trust, and care for the weak. This series also goes in depth when it discusses serious problems such as ambition, false judgement, racism, war, being in a relationship, and breaking the law. Most of all, the characters, plot, emotion, and setting stick out to me. Erin Hunter describes the setting and the ...more

This series is Erin Hunter's best book series, and it does not disappoint. It is for all genders and has a complex storyline (most boys would say it is for cat lovers). I'm a dog lover, but I still love this series. This series often features two or three cats' point of views and their lives. It shows what they feel about what is happening and how they feel for other cats, which is one reason I love this series. Another reason I adore warriors are the characters. The book starts out with different cats from later in the story or later in another series talking about things, that creates the suspense already. The series almost makes you love some characters and hate others. Or makes you hate characters when you first hear about them, like Jayfeather, then make them look better or vice versa. I know these are cats, but they seem human, and it makes you care for them so much that it is sad to see them die. I disliked seeing Firestar and Feathertail die, those ones hit me hard. The last ...more

"Honestly, these books made me shed a few tears. And trust me, I am NOT a crier. They will instantly make you want to keep reading. Even though the series is really long, I found that I just couldn't stop reading them. I've read all of them at least twice. I don't know how Erin came up with all of the names and richly detailed characters, but she managed. Come on guys! I know this can make it to the top of the list. Lets even pass Harry Potter." -Blackbird

"Warriors is a book that will enter your Heart. Warriors is not girly, its about cats fighting for their Clans loyally. Warriors is a page-turner with lots of Drama and grief will make a way into your heart. The truth is words cannot describe this wonderful book, for Warriors will forever be my favorite. There will be no other book to match its awesome story of courage and bravery, and also adventure. Warrior Forever!

6 Diary of a Wimpy Kid

This should NOT be in the top ten! Yes it is popular, but not a good read. It's not something that will keep you occupied and really you are not even reading! You are looking at pictures half the pages!

Well duh what do you think a kid does in his notebook?!?! Plus it doesn't make you smarter to not have picture it you have to picture it in your brain and while your picturing it you forget everything in the book like the plot and scenery that is why it's like 1/2 of the only books I understand. - AnnaRoblox

I enjoy the books a bit, I'm not hating on the series but I don't think it should be in the top ten - there are way better series - Mnsdjjfijf

I loved this book cause it was really easy and fun to read. I was always cackling at something in each page. And I lived the simplicity. Sometimes I just wanna read something light and entertaining that won't cause me too much strife. This was perfect

Who ever thought that this book series should be in the top 10s is STUPID! This SHOULD NOT be on here! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! THIS ISN'T A NOVEL!

7 A Song of Ice and Fire A Song of Ice and Fire

Should probably deserve a top 5 spot, although I’m not one to bash personal opinions. I just think that Martin built one of the best, most complete series to date. Not as in the books are finished, but that there are not very many loose ends to track down and are left hanging. The world is intricate, realistic, and very complex, as are almost all of the characters. But there are two things I think Martin simply excels at and outpaces everyone else. The first is not dumping the entire story on one character or set of interwoven characters. Without such a limited worldview, we are still able to realize the story is focused on Westeros without the main characters being intimately involved in every major event. The second thing Martin is very good at is keeping items on the periphery, as in not essential to the story, still in the worldview. The continent of Westeros is not terribly big, and while every event seems major, in the grand scheme of the world most of them are not. Keeping ...more

Undoubtedly the best book series of all time. Should be on top of the list! So many details and foreshadowing. GRRM is a genius, hope he finishes the rest of the books soon. Can't wait for Winds of Winter to come out next year. The show was great up until they had the material from the books. They completely butchered the show this season. The books will have the real ending and still there are prequels coming our way. Really want to know more about Robert's Rebellion and how the Targaryens came in power. Love the unpredictability and the character development of the series which you don't get to see in many books.

The writing is extremely intricate in this one. SURELY deserves to be on top 5 of this list.

Best. Epic. Series. EVER.

8 The Heroes of Olympus

Percy taught me ordinary people can be true heroes.

Annabeth taught me that we are the architects of our own dreams.

Jason taught me that the best people are the ones that stand by you, no matter what.

Piper taught me that beauty comes from within and that hardship makes you a fighter.

Frank taught me that you can be anything if you never give up.

Hazel taught me that suffering makes a hero and that the best people are the ones who have gone threw the worst.

Leo taught me that fake smiles are the most beautiful and that the ones who cry but don't show it are the bravest.

Nico taught me that pain and suffering make a man and that everyone can find light in darkness.

Reyna taught me that you can find strength in pain.

Coach Hedge taught me that people do care.

You're kidding me! This series should have been number one! Rick Riodan is THE BEST AUTHOR EVER! His books are hilarious as well as action packed and adventurous. If you've read Percy Jackson and the Olympians and think it's good and I agree with you but Heroes of Olympus is even better! The books might not be written the most seriously but that's a good thing as it connects you more to the books so you feel more involved. Another really good thing that about Rick Riodan's writing is that it relates you to real life problems in a very interactive way. I could give you loads of examples but I don't want to spoil the books for you.

Heroes of Olympus was probably the best series I've read. I laughed at the characters and when my friend told me a spoiler about my favourite character I literally screamed during class time! The books are just so epic so if your wondering if you want to read Heroes of Olympus read Percy Jackson and the Olympians first AND THEN READ HEROES OF OLYMPUS! ...more

This series is superior to the older "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" series in my opinion. Although you do need to read through the first series to understand what's going on in this one. - AiCFanboy123

Nico do Angelo and how he said your not my type to Percy Jackson now that is all over the fandom

9 The Chronicals of Narnia

I love this book series, I fell in love with the characters and it gives you a different perspective on Jesus. But the movies are better. - Aleca



It is not the best, but it is definitely good

10 Maze Runner Series

Why is this not bigger on the list? Any Hunger Games fans would love this - the Maze Runner (the first book) is like the Hunger Games (also the first book), with being trapped in a foreign place and needing to get out alive, both places are set in a rather post-apocalyptic world (admittedly The Maze Runner more than The Hunger Games), the only difference is that The Maze Runner has a much wider variety of settings and the plot line, though still pretty much 'overthrow the evil guys who threw us in this hellhole', is much deeper with more twists and stuff.

Also, let's face it, the ending for The Maze Runner was better, Mockingjay ending on such a sad note (I cried when Prim died... still do sometimes), and after all the trouble Team Katniss (yup, I'm calling it that) went through, Prez Snow just didn't seem to get what he deserved, making life hell for all the people in the districts, then dying by CHOKING on BLOOD. He deserved to die... slowly... painfully... where at least ...more

President Snow's death is symbolic. Katniss recognized that Coin was her real enemy, and chose to kill her instead. She had to make that choice for the good of others, whereas killing Snow would not have benefited anyone; he could have just as easily been imprisoned while she only had one chance to kill Coin. She also wanted him to die slowly and also wanted to kill him, it was symbolic in the way that you don't always get what you want. - SassyEquine

Great book series, should be higher on this list

One of the best serieses I have ever read

Why is The Maze Runner so underrated? It should be one of the top 5 (The Hunger Games is a pretty good series). Why I love The Maze Runner :
1. THE PLOT - Well written and nerve wrecking. All of the books just gives you this BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM kind of feels. My heart honestly stopped pumping after the first chapter of The Maze Runner.
2. THE CHARACTERS - Where do I start.. Where do I start.. All so different from one another, you just fell in love with ALL of them (It's true! ) The characters are not just some desperate teenagers who need to escape the maze, but strong individuals who has the determination and strive to survive.
3. You just can not NOT love The Maze Runner. You can't. It's impossible.


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11 The Hobbit

This isn't a series its just one book as anyone would no if they'd not just watched the films and put in on this list for that exact reason

This is one book, not a series. - Feirceraven

The Lord of the Rings is a trilogy, but the Hobbit is just one book. STOP WATCHING MOVIES AND READ A DAMN BOOK!

Why is this on here? This should be tied in with Lord of the Rings if it's going to be on here at all - Aweso

12 Goosebumps

Ya Twilight Saga is a massive

Goosebumps is the best book for starters in my opinion. It's funny, has decently plots and it's really easy to read. If it wasn't for goosebumps I wouldn't have started reading books,

Goosebumps is an awesome series. Goosebumps rocks! It starts out as an average kid's life and then something totally out of this world happens and then the the middle of the book is a kids worst nightmare. And then, yay! There's a happy ending, well, at least for most of them! >) >) Goosebumps is always great to read when your bored! Go R.L. Stine!

I can not believe that this is so low on the list, how did twilight get higher than this? That's so sad! These books are classics from childhood, every book had a twisted plot that left you wondering what was next, then right at the end it it twists and surprises you every time. And just as they say, readers beware you're in for a scare.

13 Survivors

same - Sorreltail

Starts out boring but gets better and better and is now one of my favorite book series!

It's a bit hard to get into at first, but the series immediately improved and got better as time went on.

It goes seekers, either survivors or warriors. Then the rest of you books. Sorry but I love Erin Hunters books.

14 Lemony Snicket's: A Series of Unfortunate Events

These books are excellently written, and have a great emotion set for the story at the very beginning. The characters have interesting personalities. One thing that really strikes me is that no matter how dark these books get, a bit of humor is snuck in at some points. Despite being said that it is entertaining for 5th-6th graders, I'm in high school and I still admire these books (In fact, I'm reading the Carnivorous Carnival right now). Personally, I think this series deserves more respect than Harry Potter. Now, I love Harry Potter, but I think it was pretty lazily written. There is one out of many exciting mysteries in this book that really makes you think hard, and isn't solved until you read the final word of the last book. The main thing that stands out in this series to me is that it ACTUALLY PORTRAYS CHILDREN CORRECTLY! Not many books, not Harry Potter, not The Chronicles of Narnia, could do this right. Well, I think I'm just about done with my praise rant. Again, this series ...more

Ok honey, move this up and burn "The Hunger Games" ( the movies were okay. Not good, but alright)((by the way talking about "hunger games"))

I love these books and the Netflix series! - DreamBig

Sunny! But so sad.. - CloudyDaze

15 Seekers

I like this series. It's not as exciting as Warriors or Survivors, but I like bears, and I'm glad I gave this series a chance when it came out. - Wildstar93

I've read one book... ITS PURE POOP. Warriors is better

Well obviously! The first book is literally the introduction. ANYWAY, why do you vote with hate comments? Bit silly! :/ - Speedyscout

Love it. But it's probably my least fave Erin Hunter series. - PopcornPelican

Touches your heart

16 Divergent

Why is this not in the top 3?!?!?! This series if AMAZING. After I finished Harry Potter I didn't want to read anything else but I finally picked up divergent and it was sooo good. I spent all weekend reading and could not put it down. Finally a series where the main character doesn't always live happily ever after. Phenomenal.

I just want to say that this is SUCH an underrated book. Four/Tobias is like my favorite fictional boyfriend of all time and Tris is a truly awesome main character. Veronica Roth is an AMAZING author and deserves more credit than she gets. Warning for those who haven't read the books though... Tears are ahead!

One word: obsessed

All dystopian books have this powerful government and a lot of books have some romance

17 Geronimo Stilton

My childhood are in these books. - Aleca

This was my book series when I was a child, I still have my collection on these books ;( - hooman_

I think it is a good start but I don't know how it get higher thenrangers apprentice

I'm a teenager and I still read it here and there! - neehawgamer

18 The Inheritance Cycle

I think that this should be second at least.I mean this series is giving J.K Rowling a run for his money. The only thing is that Christopher Paolini doesn't roar loud enough, he needs his voice to be heard! The series may not be long but you can feel the passion in it and the structure.

Why the heck is this below Geronimo Stilton you kids don’t know what a real good book is. This book should be at least top 4 if not top 2. My Number 1

This series is so complex! The dragon riders are so powerful, but Christopher Paolini takes it beyond the all awesomeness of the dragon riders' magic, he creates an entirely new world just like J.R.R. Tolkien and creates entire nations. Different languages, histories, ranges of living, traditions, it's so complex! I've tried getting that deep in the book I'm writing, and let me tell you, it's very hard. Epic series, the best books EVER!

Outside of the Harry Potter series, this is the best series of books I have read. It obviously just needs readers to put down the teeny-bopper books and figure out what reading a series with some actual depth is all about

19 39 Clues

Nothing else like it

It's AWESOME. I don't get why other people hate it.

Terrible. Plot is boring and never gets interesting. Action scenes last for a couple pages and are not even suspenseful. Probably the worst problem though, is that they are all written by different authors, therefore each book has a different writing style.

Have you ever noticed that the title doesn't match the main idea of the book? Totally weird. Books were bad and it never gets interesting. I recommend Harry Potter. Totally

20 Chronicles of Ancient Darkness (Michelle Paver)

I love this series! This is the perfect book for animal lovers and its packed with adventure!

Gives a great insight on what prehistory was like

21 Wings of Fire

Best series in the whole world. Once you read it, you can NEVER stop reading the series. Come on! Dragons who rule kingdoms! But the Sand dragons queen dies and the three princesses fight for the throne. Blister Blaze and Burn. Who go to war! Then a night dragon makes a prophecy saying that a ground dragon, a water dragon, a sky dragon, another night dragon, and a sand dragon will stop it and choose one of the queens. A peaceful organization called the "Talons of Peace", wish to bring the world down in peace so they get the eggs. Burn catches an ice dragon stealing a sky dragon from the sky dragon palace. Burn kills the ice dragon and the sky dragoon egg that has been stolen. Two other Talons of Peace talk about the egg and one of them gets a rain forest dragon who are said to be lazy. They had no choice so they get it. Later, the one who makes the prophecy, comes to the the Talons of Peace to approve the dragons. But the sand dragon is supposed to have a barbed tail and ...more

It should be number 1.
I CAN NOT WAIT for dragonslayer!
Its good u should read it peeps who haven't

If I pick up the book I can't put it down for at least an hour!

This book needs to be number 1

22 The Enemy (Charlie Higson)

Great Zombie read...The intricacy of the characters and plot times truly fascinated me. GREAT book series!

Amazing book series, not as well known because it is relatively new.

Probably my favourite book series of all time

Couldn't put it down

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23 The Mortal Instruments

Why is this not on the top ten? Honestly, The Mortal Instruments has of the best world-building I have ever seen. Everything is so complex and intricate, and every little action has repercussions that reappear centuries later. All of the books are tightly linked, and there are little details and references that link back to characters from prequels series that took place over a century ago. And every single one of the characters has a deep and complex personality. The writing is beautiful, and everything and everyone (even the villains) are relatable, and have a legitimate reason for what they do.

I do NOT understand why is it ranked so low. A completely thrilling book which also happens to be a must read can NOT be ranked low!

I honestly loved The Mortal Instruments and I personally think it should be in the top 10 Thanks have a nice day

This series should be much higher. In my opinion, it's so much more amazing that a dozen listed prior. The books are an emotional roller coaster where you share such a love hate relationship with the characters. There are so many moments where you just want to reach in and knock some sense into them, yet also many moments where you just want to reach in and hug them. But overall pretty overrated book but actually lived up to the hype which is something not all can achieve.

24 Magic Tree House

Thank you Mary Pope Osborne. Your ideas are so creative and I have learned so much from these books! - Aleca

It a good series and it is very creative and I hope Mary Pope Osborne makes more

The book series is amazing and so ceative.

Best most creative series ever! My child reads these books almost everyday and checks out at the library every time he goes. He has even told his brother to read them. I think whoever made this made a mistake. How can it be 34? It deserves to be in the top ten list. Mary Pope Osborne is just an amazing author!

It's not based off of whoever made the list, it's based off of what the people think. I used to read the series all the time myself, but there does come an age when you grow out of it... Maybe. At least I did... - JoMama163

25 Artemis Fowl

Needs to be higher - ErozionZeal

"This book is AMAZING. Even after you have read the series three times, you can come back to it and experience the same emotions you did the first time around: wonder, happiness, shock and adrenaline. After a while the series seems to be stretching along too much, that's true, but it's a pretty good read. Why isn't this ranked much higher?

One of the best paced series of all time

F you twilight. This kid has more brains and power in his pinky than a vampire dose let alone a werewolf - arkwrite

26 Beautiful Creatures
27 Warrior Cats

Already in here as Warriors - CloudyDaze

It's already in the top ten. - RoseWeasley

Best book series ever! Not to mention how much BOOKS there are in the series. I can't stop reading this! It's so awesome! This series is purfect for cat lovers and people who like battles. Shout out to Erin hunter! - Nightkillo

You all ready said it - Sorreltail

28 Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes

Why so behind?
I guess he is the best

Who is that stupid who put this epic,I mean Sherlock Holmes so low?

So yeah... Twilight is above this... One of the most biggest series and most known and most loved is below twilight... - Thevcrewgeeks

After Lord of the rings this should be in the 2nd place. Those people who have voted here for other series definitely did not read sherlock holmes and that mean they read nothing.

29 Junie B. Jones

These books are the best I loved them so much as a kid and I still do
They are funny relatable books and I enjoy them so much I recommend them 100%

UGH! No, this book is awful! You kinda have bad taste.

If you are referring to the person who made this list, you are mistaken, because the vote is based off of what the people think, not the author himself. By the way, some people find a series to be helpful in situations. Insulting the books isn't going to help people and may only cause bitterness. Everyone has their own interests, and this one just so happen to not peak yours. You don't need to criticize people because of their opinions, instead, place your own opinion in a helpful manner; not one that will potentially offend somebody. A helpful opinion may be, "I personally didn't like this series, but I have read The Immortals series and thought that they were pretty good." - JoMama163

I hate this book series why is it on the list it brainwash kids

I find this series to be more productive than The Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I feel like a child should be able to read whatever he or she wants to read. Books open up a kids imagination and helps them a lot with future class literature. Books like Captain Underpants may not be helpful, but it gives the child more of a chance to be themselves. Not to mention, it makes it a lot easier for a child to make life decisions in the future when you let them read the books that they want. Even if a child is only 12 years old, for example, and wants to read a book like 50 Shades of Grey, they should be able to make that decision themselves. This may even help a child be ready to learn about sexual activity when it comes to that time when a parent feels like they should speak to the child. If the kid still enjoys the book with those descriptions in them, then they might be ready; however, if the child changes their mind, and doesn't want to read those types of books anymore, then they might not be ...more - JoMama163

Junie B. Jones was a big part of my childhood! I loved her so much as a kid she would make me laugh and be on the edge of my seat! She is the best! - missyweirdo

30 Dork Diaries

In the third grade every girl was obsessed with these books while fellow girl was reading Scooby-Doo and diary of a wimpy kid they are good books too but not as good as harry potter, hunger games, any Percy Jackson book and even Narnia ( which are best sellers and really good) dork diaries is more down to earth with Clifford the big red dog

The best book serie ever!

I cannot believe that this is even on the list. There is already enough drama at my school, I don't need more of it, like, this book is basically only girl drama. How is this on the "Best Book Series" list? Please explain. Also, if you want a book, read Harry Potter. This is #1 for a reason.

I didn't like it. Nikki says she is "friendly and dorky", but she is kind of a bully. Chloe was annoying. The books she read were stupid (ice skating couple that has to kill Zompires with double cheeseburgers) and yet everyone calls her a bookworm. You wanna read a real book? Read Harry Potter or Percy Jackson! Zoey was annoying, quoting everything. Brandon is just some stupid pretty boy every girl drools over and Mackenzie is a stereotyped mean blonde girl.

31 Bone (Jeff Smith)

Bone is a better alternative to Lord of the Rings. It has a similar theme to it, and similar characters (The Bones-The Hobbits, Thorn-Aragorn, Grandma Ben-Gandalf), but much, much better written. Despite being a comic series for kids, Bone is somehow better than most adult and ya novels. - owlro188

I read the whole series and it was really awesome! Hope they make a movie to it.

Yah bone is the best

Ahhh yes, bone. my favourite comic series since, like, grade one. finished this in about a week. lovef it.

32 The Saga of Darren Shan

I also love Harry Potter but I am voting for this as it is so underrated and they butchered the novel in the movie

So good! Finding out certain events in later books blew my mind!

The best part: it's barely even about VAMPIRISM. It's so much more complicated than that, and it's great.

I have fond memories of this series.. Great for teens

33 Ramona Quimby

My best friends last name is also Quimby. She is from Jane by Design. She is portrayed by Erica Dasher. - playstationfan66

34 Alex Rider

Best series in the world

Who wouldn't want to read about a teenage spy?

Awesome! Alex is so cool especially in Scorpia rising

SERIOUSLY! I don't want to spoil, but like... I was so interested in it, I literally read the whole thing in 1 day. - JoMama163


35 Elephant and Piggy

I loved these books when I was little! great for young kids! - SassyEquine

UM hello? No votes! Really, this is like an awesome book series for all ages!

Lol I used to love these!

Love this series! Gerald is so funny!

36 The Bourne Series (Robert Ludlum)
37 Grey Wolves
38 The Giver Quartet

This is an amazing book series! Lois Lowry does a great job on making the plot and making you want to keep reading on and on, she thought up this whole idea and everything works so well together! In my top 2 favorite book series at the moment by far! Recommend this series to any mature 11 year old and up. - WeezaPeeza

The Giver movie was better, but the books were awesome! - Aleca

39 A Series of Unfortunate Events

This is already here, but it deserves to be hear twice! Later, I might give a lengthy summary of the entire series! - MaxAurelius

I watched the show with my class. It was interesting and funny. Five Stars. - 23windomt

This is already on here :P

All n here XDDD

40 Pretty Little Liars

Watch the show the books are probably just as amazing

These books are amazing and exciting and the plot is awesome

I love these books.The T.V. series is awesome too

41 James Bond (Ian Fleming)

United Artists (its parent company is MGM) owns the rights to the character and trademark. - playstationfan66

42 If I Stay

Pretty good, I read both books and thought they were great. Maybe should be top fifteen. - SassyEquine

I have no idea why this series isn't in the top 10.

You love this

Not a series - Username123

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43 Lockwood and Co. Series

Greatest series of all time. Much better horror series than Goosebumps. - owlro188

Great humor, a great plot, and great characters. This series is my personal favorite. By the same author of the Bartimaeus Trilogy

44 The Missing

This series is truly awesome - natalily

45 Kane Chronicles

All Rick Riordan's books are amazing

I love this series! Wish it went on for longer, though - SnowyOwl

Basically percy jackson in Egyptian myths

I LOVE THIS BOOK SERIES! I like it even more than percy jackson!

46 American Girl

I love these books! It takes you on a journey of what it was like in different time periods. - Aleca

To fake to be true

47 The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod

I have read this book series 10 times over and still can't get enough of it. This vampire awesome book will have you hanging off the edge till the end

Stay away from the garlic festival!

48 Spirit Animals

Its amazing

I loved these books! I thought they were great, really recommend it to people who love fantasy and animals! - SassyEquine

Love it but not as much as the Warrior series. - Feathermist

One of the best books I've ever read

49 Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Very nice

50 Vampire Kisses
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