The Hunger Games


When my brother stared to read the hunger games I bagged my parents to let me read it, but of course there parents so there reply was "You're way to young to read the hunger games! " So I didn't let that stop me so I went on YouTube and watch snippets of the hunger games and refused to read! So for my birthday my parents bot the series for me and oh my gosh I love the series I mean bravo who can think of all of this stuff! Action, romance, adventure, fashion and killing. When I finished the series I was sad that there's no more, at least I have two movies to watch. Why do sooo many people like Harry Potter, in my opinion it's stupid AND HUNGER GAMES SERIES IS THE BEST BOOK SERIES EVER! I rate this series 11 out of 10!

I LOVED this series I'm surprised it was not above Percy Jackson Percy Jackson was pretty good but this was so much better I highly suggest reading this Harry Potter is still my number one series personally, but this is definitely my number two when you're done reading Harry Potter I was devastated so if you were in the same mood you should definitely read this it has the action adventure and a little bit of a romance just like Harry Potter does does

THE BEST DYSTOPIA BOOK TO EVER EXIST! I have read this series fifteen times cover to cover every single book and I cry ever single time. It has the best love story I have ever read about in all my years of reading and is packed with a detailed and thrilling story of survival, injustice, love and adventure and Suzanne Collins I cannot thank you ENOUGH for the wonderful journey you took me on and these books will forever be in my heart. - SassyEquine

I LOVED the hunger games series I was SO suprised it wasn't Number two on the list Harry Potter is still my number one but this was also at amazing I definitely recommend this for anyone who loved Harry Potter for the action and the romance to read this as soon as you finish Harry Potter I read this after I was done with Harry Potter and I was devastated when this was over I knew I would never be a better book that Harry Potter and the hunger games

This should be #1! You have a butt kicking heroine (a girl, I tell you) who saves her sister from certain death, saves herself & her district's male tribute (he's nice), tries to sort out her private & public life, & ends up leading & winning a revolution! Hats off to Suzanne Collins for an amazing series!

How isn't this number one! These books are epic. There is something for everybody. Romance action and some cliffhangers that make you want the next one even more. By far the best books ever.

I've read this series so many times! Very good at keeping you entertained. I'm als currently reading the third book in the Divergent series and I can safely say that there are several things that seem to be repeated, but I still love both series! I personally, though wish that Katniss and Gale got together, but I guess Peeta's not bad.

My favorite book series of all time first time I wanted to read a book ever without this series I would have never started reading other books like The Maze Runner, Warriors, Diary of the Wimpy Kid, Harry Potter,39 Clues and many others as well thank you Suzanne Collins.

Why this is so high baffles me. I mean the first is great but the other two (especially the last one) are nowhere near as good. So as a series they are nowhere near the top five

YES. YES. Suzanne Collins is amazing to write these. If you like creative, gory books that will have you on the edge of your seat, laughing and crying, then this is the trilogy for you. Although it is, perhaps, not as good as Harry potter, it is still highly recommendable. I think idiscovered it a bit too young, though...(i'm 10) as it is quite violent. I still love it, though! - HufflepuffGeekGirl

HOW IS IT NOT NUMBER ONE? I really love these books. My faves. I'm reading some of the parodies right now. Funny stuff.
Oh yeah. Almost forgot.

The Hunger Games is amazing! If you haven't read it, read it! The story is so intense you can't stop reading it. If you love action, survival, dystopian type books, you will love this. I can't believe this isn't number one!

Absolutely amazing series, I couldn't put it down! I was reading these books every single chance I got! I even read a whole book in one day, loved them even more than twilight! I highly recommend if you are looking for a good read!

Look I'm not that old yet but I've seen both movies and read all three books! These r the kinds of movies when you see the first movie or read th first book your hooked well it's like that with hunger games! It should be number 1

The first was great, the second was eh, and the third was unbearable - a good series has all amazing books, which is why this shouldn't even be this high up. - thetromboneninja

One of the best series for anyone to read. It makes people think about how cruel life can be and what you should stand for at the worst times of your life

I got in trouble reading it in class because I could not put it down and I carry it everywhere I go! ( It is the hunger games series )

Hunger Games should be 1 on the list. The first book is definitely the best and the series is for teens more unlike harry potter.

I couldn't put this amazing book down once it should be number one considering it doesn't contain gross witchcraft like Harry potter

That should be number one because it has action, a great plot line, and the best by far. Therefore, it is better than harry potter

At first I only had access to the first chapter, after right read it, I went to indigo the next day and bought all three

I have read this series many times and it should definitely be top 10. this series is good but game of thrones is EPIC.

The Hunger games should have been number 2. I mean it is so much better than Percy Jackson

This book is better than every other book series besides Harry Potter, in my opinion.

Amazing! The suspense gripped me and the character development reeled me in! Well written and perfect!