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181 The Gears of War Saga
182 Legend of Zelda

There is a series I have part 1 and it's amazing! - spodermanfan1000

183 Minerva Mint
184 Five Find Outers

Best books ever I cannot believe that it is so low

185 St. Clares V 1 Comment
186 Who Was V 1 Comment
187 The Hatchet
188 The Secret Series - Pseudonymous Bosch

Amazing story, great characters, and very funny!

The best books in a series I have ever read. - Anonymousxcxc

189 Goddess Girls

Best Series I had ever read! These girls teach lessons. It is educational according to stuying myths and learning about gods and goddess. You can learn about They Greeks.

190 The Grantchester Mysteries (James Runcie)
191 Roy Grace (Peter James)
192 Ink Blood
193 The Chronicles of Prydain
194 The Mars Trilogy
195 The Witcher
196 Inkheart Trilogy
197 The Belgariad
198 The Malloreon
199 The Elenium
200 The Tamuli
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