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21 Artemis Fowl

F you twilight. This kid has more brains and power in his pinky than a vampire dose let alone a werewolf - arkwrite

12 year old MasterBrain and a thief clever enough to steal sacred things from the fairies. How in the world did Twilight get in front of this masterpiece? Many of you people have not read this book

Love it, love it, LOVE IT! I read "Artemis Fowl:The Eternity Code" and it actually had me crying! I can't believe Butler gto shot instead of Artemis! But he IS a Butler, after all.

I just love this series. This totally has to be higher!

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22 The Enemy (Charlie Higson)

Great Zombie read...The intricacy of the characters and plot times truly fascinated me. GREAT book series!

Amazing book series, not as well known because it is relatively new.

Probably my favourite book series of all time


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23 Pretty Little Liars

I love these books.The T.V. series is awesome too

24 Warrior Cats

A brilliant series of books in many was and one of my personal favourites, but I still can't see why it's above Redwall-an earlier series of books, similar but in my opinion, Redwall is better. Still, they both deserve to be at least in the top 15, if not higher.

Read them all. All amazing.

Top three at least - maverick88


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25 Junie B. Jones

Junie B. Jones was a big part of my childhood! I loved her so much as a kid she would make me laugh and be on the edge of my seat! She is the best! - missyweirdo

I love these books

Haha! So cute and funny!

MEMORIES from 3rd grade. My 3rd grade teacher use to read these to the class. - Lunala

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26 Ramona Quimby

My best friends last name is also Quimby. She is from Jane by Design. She is portrayed by Erica Dasher. - playstationfan66

27 Guardians of Ga' Hoole

This is along with Warriors, the best animal fantasy but it's so underrated.

Guardians of ga'hoole used to be my favorite book series! now I like warriors more but I'm still quite fond of this series

28 Alex Rider

Who wouldn't want to read about a teenage spy?

Awesome! Alex is so cool especially in Scorpia rising


So cool

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29 Elephant and Piggy

UM hello? No votes! Really, this is like an awesome book series for all ages!

Love this series! Gerald is so funny!

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30 A Series of Unfortunate Events V 1 Comment
31 Alex Cross
32 Grey Wolves
33 The Saga of Darren Shan

The best part: it's barely even about VAMPIRISM. It's so much more complicated than that, and it's great.

I have fond memories of this series.. Great for teens

It is the best book series ever. No doubt.

Best series I have read till today!

34 Magic Tree House

Best most creative series ever! My child reads these books almost everyday and checks out at the library every time he goes. He has even told his brother to read them. I think whoever made this made a mistake. How can it be 34? It deserves to be in the top ten list. Mary Pope Osborne is just an amazing author!

37 wow this should be number 2

My childhood was based on this. This series is amazing

It's creative and funny and educational.

35 If I Stay

I have no idea why this series isn't in the top 10.

You love this

Not a series - Username123

If I stay was an amazing read, and the sequel was even better in my opinion. the story and characters took residence in my mind for a good few months after reading and were all I could think about. 10/10. easily should be in the top 10.

36 The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod

I have read this book series 10 times over and still can't get enough of it. This vampire awesome book will have you hanging off the edge till the end

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37 The Missing

This series is truly awesome - natalily

38 Lorien Legacies

The series of I am Number Four IS THE BEST

Such an Amazing book series I just finished it and don't know what to do with my life anymore

Should be higher on the list.

Oh I'm reading this. I'm on the second book.
Here's my thoughts on it:
It's super sci-fi so if your not into that kind of thing I would avoid it, but it's also very creative. It kinda mixes aliens and magic. The side characters aren't very memorable(This doesn't include Sam.) And I think some series are better than this. 6 feels kind of like a Mary Sue sometimes but it doesn't get in the way much. It's really creative, it's hard for me not to go to the wiki to see more cool powers.
Over all I think the series is good but not amazing, the creator is very creative and can make really good books when he gets more experience with writing. I would avoid if sci-fi isn't your thing and the characters aren't that memorable. The books get larger like Harry Potter and Eragon so it gets harder to read it. I would rather read Warriors or Wings of Fire but this is still a good book and I recommend it to people who like sci-fi and magic.

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39 Spirit Animals V 4 Comments
40 Vampire Kisses
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