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41 Vampire Kisses
42 The Land of Stories

This is the best book series I've ever read. It's so exciting and emotional and it's just totally amazing I would vote this first than more of Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings

The land of stories is a good book and adventurous tale of two twins how travel into a world like no other the land of stories it is similar to sisters Grimm

I got teary eyed reading the land of stories the enchantress returns. This should be at least top 7.

Should definitely be higher on this list! The entire series is so so so amazing, I can't wait for the movies!

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43 Vampire Chronicles (Anne Rice)

Interview..., The Vampire Lestat, Queen of The Damned, Tale of the Body Thief, Memnoch the Devil. The adventures, psyche and mystical philosophy experienced with the charismatic, thoughtful and mischievous vampire Lestat - Billyv

44 Seven Deadly Sins
45 Wings of Fire

Best series in the whole world. Once you read it, you can NEVER stop reading the series. Come on! Dragons who rule kingdoms! But the Sand dragons queen dies and the three princesses fight for the throne. Blister Blaze and Burn. Who go to war! Then a night dragon makes a prophecy saying that a ground dragon, a water dragon, a sky dragon, another night dragon, and a sand dragon will stop it and choose one of the queens. A peaceful organization called the "Talons of Peace", wish to bring the world down in peace so they get the eggs. Burn catches an ice dragon stealing a sky dragon from the sky dragon palace. Burn kills the ice dragon and the sky dragoon egg that has been stolen. Two other Talons of Peace talk about the egg and one of them gets a rain forest dragon who are said to be lazy. They had no choice so they get it. Later, the one who makes the prophecy, comes to the the Talons of Peace to approve the dragons. But the sand dragon is supposed to have a barbed tail and ...more

HOW IS THIS SO LOW?! Wings of Fire is honestly, one of the best book series I have ever read. In my opinion it should be up there with Warriors and Harry Potter. All the characters are unique and their personalities are shown very well. My favourites are Tsunami, Clay and Glory. Glory said what is one of my favourite lines, "You'd have to be crazy not to be-well, crazy or Tsunami, which is basically the same thing." Glory is sarcastic. Tsunami is strong independent and brave. Clay isn't a fighter but would put his life at risk for his friends. Starflight is smart and caring. Sunny is sweet and kind. I love them all. It has great cliffhangers and plot twists. All the dragons differ and are great in their own way. This series is quite simply amazing and deserves so much more and, I HATE YOU MORROWSEER! YOU CRUSHED SUNNY'S HOPES AND DREAMS!

While Wings of Fire is definitely not my favorite, it does have a cliche yet interesting plot that many people would like. I hope that in the future, this series will be higher up than Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Big Nate, and Dork Diaries. I can't stand those books. It's funny how everyone in my school adores them while I threw my copies away a long time ago...

How come this is so low on the list? WoF needs to be more well known.

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46 Beautiful Creatures
47 Grey Wolves
48 The Pigeon

So cute and adorable and annoying all at the same time!

This is a really cute series! It is great for kids who are just learning to read.

49 Matched - Ally Condie
50 Color Me
51 My Weird School

31 out of 51 and counting

Should be number 2 behind harry poter

My favorite. So funny. LOL Never fell like this -_-. Always happy.

NOOO THIS SERIES SUCKSS - spodermanfan1000

52 Big Nate

WHY ISN'T THIS #1?!?!?!? This is the best book series EVER! Nate always gets in trouble, but his nerd friend Francis NEVER does. Teddy loves jokes, Dee Dee is a very, ah, DRAMATIC person, Chad is just a big, innocent kid, Chester is a bully, Marcus is super cool (But really mean), Randy is a total bully who flunked out of kindergarten (So he's in 6th grade instead of 7th), Jenny is Nate's old crush, Ellen is his annoying 15-year old sister, he has a middle-aged divorced Dad, and Ruby is his current girlfriend. A lot of characters! It is an AWESOME series!

So funny! Nate is always so full of himself and getting into trouble. Francis and teddy always find something to give Nate a hard time about. His dad is so clueless and spitsy is the dumbest dog going around. Gins is so obnoxious and bragging about her grades. Mrs Godfrey has 1000001 nicknames. One of the best book series. Come on now vote vote vote big Nate (for class president)

This should at least be on the first page. How is Diary of a wimpy kid above this. I recommend you read this as soon as possible. It's my favorite book series other than Harry Potter

The epic big nate came out
big nate is so awesome!

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53 Crank Series
54 Book of Ember

I LOVED this series. Why is it so low?!

55 I Funny
56 The Saga of Darren Shan

The best part: it's barely even about VAMPIRISM. It's so much more complicated than that, and it's great.

I have fond memories of this series.. Great for teens

It is the best book series ever. No doubt.

Best series I have read till today!

57 George Smiley Series (John le Carre)

None of le Carre's other characters could come close to Smiley - bespectacled, pudgy, intellectual, and disillusioned - persevering through a fog of bureaucracy and mediocrity to uncover truth, however distasteful that truth may be and even if finding it doesn't change a thing. I have re-read le Carre's books, particularly the Smiley books, several times, each time finding discovering new depths, or new philosophies, or just marveling at the writing. But mostly just to be with George, the dear toad, how I love him.

58 Kane Chronicles

Basically percy jackson in Egyptian myths

I LOVE THIS BOOK SERIES! I like it even more than percy jackson!

I prefer Sadie over other female protagonists of Rick's - natalily

Love all of Rick Roirdan's books!

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59 The Walking Dead

This is a comic book series... - Thevcrewgeeks

Great T.V. show. Great books. Great walkers.

60 Sherlock Holmes

So yeah... Twilight is above this... One of the most biggest series and most known and most loved is below twilight... - Thevcrewgeeks

After Lord of the rings this should be in the 2nd place. Those people who have voted here for other series definitely did not read sherlock holmes and that mean they read nothing.

Haha... I can't stop laughing at this hilarious list because silly 12 year olds who can't think anything over than Harry Potter,hunger games and other silly book series are voting here. This classic is sitting at no 44. Seriously? Haha

No offense to s.h. fans, but I personally hate this. sorry.

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