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81 The Sisters Grimm

This is the best book ever. Honestly, this is the most amazing story ever. All of you are obsessed with Harry Potter. Try it. You will be mind-blown. There are so many amazing books in the world. Stop repeating Harry Potter like a robot. This is best series period.

This has twists and turns unbelievable great series

Such an amazing book. Best book ever! Better than Harry Potter period.

1# for sure

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82 Bone (Jeff Smith)

I read the whole series and it was really awesome! Hope they make a movie to it.

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83 Ranger's Apprentice

A read that I have re-read on so many occasions, I start to wonder when I will get tired of this series. This series also gives an amazing insight on how life was like in the "dark ages". the plots of this book are great, and all of the characters have their own back stories and personalities which make them all so likeable.

This is the most amazing series ever, and it lasts forever! It should seriously be #1

Rangers Apprentice is so awesome! You will fall in love instantly!

This is ridiculous that its not number 1!

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84 Outlander Series

Adventure, fantasy, romance and historical fiction that will keep you reading and then you will want to read them again. My favorite series of all time.

85 Dork Diaries

I didn't like it. Nikki says she is "friendly and dorky", but she is kind of a bully. Chloe was annoying. The books she read were stupid (ice skating couple that has to kill Zompires with double cheeseburgers) and yet everyone calls her a bookworm. You wanna read a real book? Read Harry Potter or Percy Jackson! Zoey was annoying, quoting everything. Brandon is just some stupid pretty boy every girl drools over and Mackenzie is a stereotyped mean blonde girl.

This series is the WORST! It is just like the female version of Diary Of A Wimpy Kid but bad! In the book, she is only interested in boys and shopping and she is pretty much a big stereotype and all her books have so much cliches! It is so annoying and I HATE IT! - missyweirdo

This is not girls only. If you like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, you won't be able to make this decision:

Would you rather read Wimpy Kid or Dork Diaries?

If any of you downvote this because I'm a boy, you obviously have no sense of humanity.

I like it but THEY'RE COPYING "Diary of a Wimpy Kid"! :O

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So far I've only read The Recruit (the first book), and I just have to say that The Recruit is the BEST book I've ever read! I'm looking forward to read the second book, and I recommend you to read the CHERUB series, it's an amazing story! You're going to wish that it was really true! Visit if you want to know more about CHERUB. ; ) - xXImMyOwnHeroXx

I read the first twelve books in two months (I think, been a while, and I also read the Alex Rider and Young James Bond series', so it's a bit blurry) and it was amazing. The characters have depth and show growth and maturity. Though I don't agree with James on a lot (view of private schools, willingness to get into a lot of trouble, etc.) I feel it was smart of the author to represent the characters in a relatable, realistic way. The author is exceptional with description, as well. I also recommend the Land of Elyon series by Patrick Carmon, though he is a different author. Carmon has lots of good series'.

Cherub is my = favourite book series. I don't see why they don't have a similar idea in real life. As well as being intense it is also really funny.

Hours of thrilling reads, I recommend this series of absolutely everyone!

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87 The Dresden Files

Pulpy, awesome and thoroughly entertaining. A must read that should be higher on this list.

Look like magic version of sherlock holmes

88 Zom-B
89 James Bond (Ian Fleming)

United Artists (its parent company is MGM) owns the rights to the character and trademark. - playstationfan66

90 Waterfire Saga

Best series ever if you don:t like it you can lock yourself in the bathroom

This honestly could be a really popular and famous series if people would just read it.

91 Horrible Histories

OH MY GOD. HOW IS THIS NOT HIGHER? These are interesting and hilarious - HufflepuffGeekGirl

The T.V. show is awesome too! :D - LemonComputer

92 The Wheel of Time

I've never actually read popular books, I've always read thicker and less known books. My dad recommended the Wheel of Time to me at the beginning of 6th grade and I love it. I suggest that if you want to read a REAL book series, read the Wheel of Time. If you don't think it's for you, wait a year or two and try again. If a 12 year old can read a 14 book series, so can you. You'll really enjoy it if you choose to read it. I personally hope you do. - Merilille

THE best series I've ever read. It should be placed in the number one slot on this list for sure.

Should be #1. Too many movie series voted too high

Great for a deployment read.

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93 Redwall

Redwall is my favorite series of books and has been for several years. It has everything you could want in a book and more, and deserves to be much higher on this list - at least in the top ten, if not higher. These books are my life.

Redwall is my favourite series of books and has been for years. It deserves more credit and should be much higher up the list. The Redwall books have everything you could ask for and more.

I love the series and it should have been a movie series.

The T.V. series is good; however, it ended prematurely

Should be in the top five. Why is it so far down on the list?

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94 Fablehaven

Seriously! Number 102. This series is fantastic! It deserves to be at the Number 2 spot. Behind Harry Potter. Brandon Mull is an amazing author with many outstanding series! It's arguably the best fantasy series out there!

This is a great fantasy series! Faeries, demons, unicorns, trolls. You name it, this series has it. It sucks you in all the way to the end.

Great series

I honestly do not know why no one added this series before, Brandon mull's magnificent artistry greatly eclipses that Twilight, sexy, funny, heartwarming, and chilling; Fablehaven weaves a ale that is embedded in your heart forever!

95 Classic Starts
96 I Survived - Lauren Tarshis

Love the historic feature and how it enhances learning and fun

97 The Lunar Chronicles

As much as I love the other series on this list, I think this one should be much higher. The characters were all wonderful and it's an interesting read.

Seriously such a great series. Each book intertwined beautifully, and brought together an incredible ending. Great read.

This series and everything I love and everything that I ever wanted in life


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98 Michael Vey Series

Great series! It has everything that I find in a book. Deserves to be much higher on the list.

This series was amazing

99 The School for Good and Evil

A little bit to easy for me but my sister loves them and she's a very picky reader. It's unique and interesting in its own special way.

These books keep you turning pages until the end. This is one of the best series I have ever read.

This series is one of the best - natalily

WHY can't I FIND THIS ANYWHERE! This is by far the best book series EVER!

100 The Alexander Trilogy
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