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141 The Last Unicorn
142 The Spiderwick Chronicles

How is this at almost 200 it was a really good series. Some people probably just jumped on the bandwagon of Harry Potter and they either actually liked it better or made an excuse to make it get to the top of the list like" oh it's much better because there's way more books." But in my options if a series is good enough to read more than twice( Harry Potter I read each book only once mind you) then it doesn't matter.

143 The Keys to the Kingdom
144 I Hunt Killers
145 Left Behind
146 Rock Legends
147 The Underland Chronicles

The Underland Chronicles (Gregor the Overladner) is an amazing series by Suzanne Collins.
The plot, characters, and setting are all so well developed and amazing.
Quite honestly, I'd say it's up there with Harry Potter for me and ABOVE Percy Jackson.
It is such a beautiful series to it with so many meanings It makes you laugh, and then it makes you cry. And it makes you THINK. Not about "what does this mean", but more like "What was her inspiration? What happens at the end of the series? Why did Suzanne Collins end it like this? "
Truly, there is only one word to describe the Underland Chronicles, and that word is beautiful.

148 Twilight

I want to strangle myself over the fact that someone thought this was good enough to compete with the other series on this list. DEFINITION OF DISGRACE

Harry potter, hunger games are better

Id rather meet Michael myers in real life than read these books or worse yet watch the movies

Let's be real Harry Potter is 100x better

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149 The Magic Thief
150 The Dark Life

This book sucks

151 Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians
152 Awdry's Railway Series

Awesome! It was actually what Thomas the Tank Engine is based on. There are cool engine characters that never got into Thomas like Wilbert, Pip, Spamcan, Emma, Albert and Bear.

153 Malgudi Days

Everyone should read this series

154 Quantum Prophecy
155 American Girl

To fake to be true

156 Kingdom Keepers
157 SpongeBob
158 Takeshita Demons
159 Hush, Hush

All I want for Valentine next year is a fallen angel with a hot body, wings he'll wrap me in, wonderful wit and a wardrobe in black called Patch.

You'll just fall in love with their love. No other ways to describe this series with words... This is written for real readers

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160 Secret Series
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