How is Hunger Games and Harry Potter and Wimpy Kid ahead of this, Warrior is my favorite book series, Unlike Hunger Games, it's so unpredictable, unlike Harry Potter, it drags you in after a few pages, unlike Wimpy Kid, It had good characters and humor. Plus the chararthers never get boring, because every book they change, the battles are just pure awesome. EVERYTHING IS GREAT, by the way Hunger Games is the most predictable thing ever, Harry Potter takes forever to get to some action, and Wimpy Kid isn't funny, it's just a lot of poop. Plus Warriors is very original, only thing I can relate it to is The Lion King, because of the stars in the says represent dead cats. Otherwise, it is awesome and super original, lastly, it's a heart braking series, book 5 made my cry a river of tears. It's the best book series I ever read.

I'm sorry but if you are judging a book by the fact that it has lots of action the you've got your priorities wrong. - HarryPotter12

Few reasons why everyone should read Warriors:

One: Warriors has mostly complex characters that make their own decisions, and that chose their loyalties. It's not just a book about cats. It has a complex storyline.

Two: As said above, Warriors is not books about cats. Cats defend their clans, cats chose their lives, and cats go on adventures. The cats are so much more than cats, you can't call them cats anymore. You have to call them Warriors.

Three: Warriors can get you in by the first page of the book. When I was much younger, I remember my mother would read this to me before I went to bed. Soon I started reading the books on my own, and I was entranced.

Four: Unlike quite a few books I know, warriors tosses and turns and has all these sad deaths that leave you in a ocean of tears, and Warriors is heart-warming, too.

These series of books have inspired me to reach out to new friends who would like the same things as me. I showed them the way and they started taking interest in these books. Into The Wild changed my whole entire life. I learn good writing tips and words I could've used in my own story, the suspense leaves me desperate enough to read more, and without even acknowledging that these existed at all, I would've died of complete boredom. I'm really not surprised Warriors is actually Top Tens! I recommend this to all the children, adults, elders, seniors, teens, babies even, to read Warriors! At the beginning I really hated cats, but after seeing the life wild cats live in, I adore them!

*face palm* seriously, Diary of a Wimpy kid? I see first graders fight over who gets to read it, but still, why is Wimpy kid ahead of Warriors? I used to hate Warriors, because I had never read it, but when I opened the first page to 'Crookedstar's Promise', I fell in love. It is amazing, and I love how, instead of some cat books I read when I was little, it had battle and blood, and death. It has romance, grief, and anger. It drags you into the scenes, making you feel pain when Silverstream dies, and you feel joy when you see Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw when they still love each other. Harry Potter is still a great series, but so is Warriors, and everything about makes you want to read more and more.

I don't understand why I was the only dude I knew that read this series, other than my cousins who quickly picked it up after I did. The original series in particular is amazing. It's full of intense conflict and emotions. One of my favorite parts of it is that nobody in it is safe. Main characters have died (Some 9 times ;P), and though that sounds morbid, it gives the series so much suspense and weight. If guys could just look past the fact that "ew the series is focused on kitties therefore it must be girly" This series I think (The original at least) could be ranked much higher, maybe even at #1. To be honest I wasn't expecting it to be as high as five because I thought I was the only one, It's so good to know I'm not!

I've read up to the third series, I definitely think Warriors deserves a spot on this list! It is far more action-packed and enjoyable than any books I have read (a ton! ) I have to say the story never gets old, unlike other fantasy books that are quite obvious, the series is filled with action, suspense, a touch of romance, and more that grips the reader. It's awesome! I suggest reading the other series as well, the second series is called The New Prophecy. Just as gripping!

It would be a miracle if this beat Diary of the Wimpy Kid and cracked the top 5. Honestly the gender appeal is to both boys and girls, but people say it's "girly". I am a BOY and I approve this book. If you want a large expansive universe, relatable characters, lots of backstory, a series which is still running and original ideas THIS BOOK SERIES IS FOR YOU! Also it connects with serious human issues which deal with psychology, politics, fear and love. It is still somewhat underrated because many people have judged it from the outside though. Make sure to start from book #1 Into the Wild.

This book made me laugh,cry,even get really mad at some of the cats- MAN this is a amazing series. It is my favorite series. I have read all of the other book series on here and I read a ton of different books so I should know. It starts off a tad slow in my opinion but becomes amazing. This is a very emotional series that is FANTASTIC! Even if you don't like cats you will like it. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A GREAT SERIES TO READ, READ THIS! NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE YOU WILL LOVE THIS! By the way the first book is Warriors: Into The Wild. I hope you will love this series as much as I did if you decide to read it!

Warriors is a great book series! When I read into the wild for the first time, I immediately got dragged into the storyline and how the most loyal of cats are evil because of their bad past! And how a kittypet saves the clans from Tigerstar's ambition! This is probably the best book series I ever had read. I'm up to Fading echoes! These books are really worth reading as they have plot twists, a storyline that readers just have to follow, the evil characters, especially Tigerstar are almost never forgotten. I guarantee that these books will never let you down!

I can excuse Hunger Games, Percy Jackson and Harry Potter being ahead of this, but Diary of a Wimpy Kid? Warriors is an amazing book, Erin Hunter was not afraid to kill of characters and have dark things like a character having a point of view while giving birth(Am I the only one that's slightly disturbed by this.) It's also amazing how the characters aren't as intelligent as humans and Erin Hunter adds existing animals and sicknesses that the cats don't know about to connect with the reader on a more human level, if anyone knows what I'm talking about.

I love warrior cats so much ever since I read the first book it was my favorite series! I'm only on book three and its 10 out of 5 if you like animals and adventures and drama this is the book for you and if you like this author and you finish the series they made two other series called seekers and another called survivors the seekers are bears and the survivors are bears but they are a lot different from warrior cats I think

Warriors had been one- if not the best series of books I have ever read. The new books never fail to amaze me with the imagination and creativity the Erin's can come up with every time. In each new arc, they've found a way to keep me hooked on the series and wanting more. Though, it is slightly annoying how they kill if some of the best characters all in all, I hope they come to make many more warrior books

I'm in love this series, is awesome, twisted, and the characters always change so never gets boring, I bought the WHOLE SERIES from amazon a couple weeks ago, ALL OF THE BOOK, EVEN THE NEW ONES, ALL OF THEM. SO EPIC AND AWESOME, this needs to be #1, I know it's underrated, I needs to be more popular then Harry Potrer, which is too overrated, BEST BOOK EVER.

I can't believe this is not in the top 5. Its NOT about makeup and having a cute boyfriend and being so popular. It revolves around blood, love, fighting, spirit, loyalty, and cats. I would recommend this series to ANYONE who loves fantasy and cats. - Catacorn

Warriors is an unpredictable and downright great book series featuring cats. It is amazing and I hate how not a lot of people don't want to read it because there are cats and it seems too childish. BOY WERE THEY WRONG! To people who think that this series is childish, just read Tigerstar's death. This series appeals to both gender and you should give it a chance. - TailchaserFan10

Whoever doesn't like Warriors is crazy. Best series ever created, and I don't just like it because I am a cat person. The characters have so much depth, unlike in some books such diary of a wimpy kid. Seriously, vote for Warriors!

Warriors is the best book series. It's so entertaining and anyone who reads it is probably going to love it! Start off with book #1 called "Into The Wild" It's so entertaining. The second you start the book your NOT going to say, "Eh, this book is OK" Your going to be flipping through pages. The author did a really good job on the writing and everything in the book starts to come alive in your head. You can picture anything from the book. Firepaw (the main character/cat) is my favorite character. And one more thing about the book is that the The violence is not too bad. It's a book, I mean, your not physically seeing it live! It for sure deserves to be #1 Help me make this in the # 1 spot!

Hands down, Warriors is one of my favorite book series along with Harry Potter, Guardians Of Ga'Hoole, Percy Jackson And The Olympians, and Wings Of Fire. I've always looked forward to each book coming out, and I would always wait to see what new characters came out or who died. And I'm also pretty excited about the Warrior Cats movie in the near future. So I'd recommend reading this book series, especially the first arc. - Wildstar93

Warrior cats is the best series I have ever read. It splendidly combines love, action, humor, and ambition into one amazing series following the lives of 4 clans of cats. The characters and plot are perfect. Erin Hunter keep up the great writing.

I definitely recommend this series to anyone who has a cat. It is a adventure in which you never want to put the book down, and you never want to sleep. So many unpredictable events happen and at the end, it all makes sense and doesn't just fall apart. Love Erin Hunter books! Warriors forever!

This series really deserves more attention! It's writing style is vivid and really captures your attention!

I LOVE ths series! I have ALL the books! I'm a huge fan of the warrior cats! They should be #1! Check out Erin hunters other series seekers and survivors!

Warriors is the best series on this list because it's so awesome and when you start reading it's like a new life. Harry potter is really bad because it has a bad type of problem and doesn't describe lots of things. Warriors is awesome because it doesn't sound boring and it is really descriptive.

Okay, so I don't understand how people like this! These books are about cats! Unrealistic cats with weird names going on impossible "adventures". Having "wars" with other "tribes". It makes no sense and isn't logical. Cat's can't speak they can't go on those weird treks outside of the tribe. It's just... NO! - Ace2002

This is definitely the best series I've ever read! It is interesting from the first page, and a lot of popular book series I have read are not as good as this one. It should definitely be at the top!