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1 Psalms

No literature can compare to the beauty, wisdom and praise of the Psalms. - comicoco

2 Revelation

The most interesting by far - ShugaRoy


3 Proverbs

Proverbs offer us an insight into proper conduct and behavior. It offer us tangible, life changing principals. The book of Proverbs presents us with an opportunity to see immediate results upon application.

4 John

John has many of my favorite Bible verses

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5 Genesis

I love the accounts about creation and joseph

6 Romans

I love the book of Romans. It's really good! - kittywarrior107

7 Kings
8 Exodus

Also the name of one of my favorit metal bands

9 Matthew
10 Philippians

The Contenders

11 Numbers
12 Luke
13 Ecclesiastes
14 Job

Teaches a very important lesson but all of the books in the bible are good

15 Daniel

This one so awesome! This book only has 12 chapters but if you read the Bible book the most famous chapters are 6 (Daniel is protected by God) and 3 (The three Boys are saved) which we're pretty familiar with right? I mean don't get me wrong we all know the stories of Daniel and the three Boys

16 Hebrews
17 1 Maccabees

This shouldn't be on here because this was from the Apocrypha, which contains 13 books that were rejected by Christ when the bible was originally written.

Isn't this from the Apocrypha? Not a real book of the bible.

Not from the Bible.

18 Galatians

Definitely a great book. Talks about receiving salvation through Jesus as opposed to the law. Talks about equality. Spiritual endurance. Fruits of the Spirirt. Also, it's written by Paul, which means its awesome. If I went looking through the Bible highlighting verses, I think Galatians would be full of neon yellow.

19 Judges
20 Wisdom

Contains a Messianic Prophecy, concerning Our Lord's Passion.

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1. Psalms
2. Proverbs
3. Genesis
1. Romans
2. John
3. Philippians
1. Kings
2. Exodus
3. Revelation

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