Best Books In the Hunger Games Trilogy


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1 Catching Fire

This is my favourite for some reason I think it's because it had this really fast paced feeling to the games and when I read the ending I couldn't sleep for the whole night.

This was the book that made me stay up nights just to read the next chapter. Mockingjay made me not want to read it for a month. God that book was boring. - SevenTreeTool

I'm glad this series is popular.

It's nice to see teenage pop-culture get something right for once!

This book I just adore. It wasn’t that boring or aggravating, except for the love triangle. Every page, every minute, every second of this book was just amazing. I love Katniss, and naturally Johanna MASON! And every other character was just breathtaking. It was just emotionally moving. Four words: I love this book!

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2 The Hunger Games

I loved this book I have read it multiple times watched the movie and I think Gale and Katniss should have ended up together PEETA GO TO HELL. But I loved the careers in this book Cato and Clove WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DIE. " Sorry if I insult people in this comment" But the second book is just plain weird and the third one is so sad out of the trilogy I have read this book the most

This book is amazing. I will never get sick of it (or its movies). I enjoyed this book to its 2 others because I felt more connected to the tributes. Cato's death.. that's what did it for me, along with glimmer's death. It was interesting watching how each of the tributes (and their allies) responded to the arena and how they bonded with each other, apart from just katniss and her allies. I feel like that lacked in Catching Fire.

It is very tough between this and Catching Fire, but I decided to go with the first book because it introduced me to the series. I liked the 2nd movie better though because the end of the book looked like it was written by a ten year old and it was cleared up so much.

A Classic

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3 Mockingjay

While this was perhaps not the most fun book, it was by far the most real. So thought provoking and page turning.

I loved the first two books but this one was an utter disappointment.

Hands down the worst of the series. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

I stayed up all night reading this one, I think it's definitely my favourite. all the twists and turns and tragic moments make it a book you cannot put down.

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