Literature as Told by a TopTenner: Animal Farm

Obvious Parody Summary as follows:

On Manor Farm, animals are summoned to see a pig named Old Major give a speech.
Old Major: I have a dream that all my children here today will one day live in a farm where they will not be judged by their human enemies but by the content of their character. I have a song for you all, it's called "Beasts of England".

Much later on, Old Major dies. Two pigs, Napoleon and Snowball, assume command and wish to rebel against Farmer Jones.
Napoleon: We must rebel!
Farmer Jones: *hic*
Snowball: ATTACK!
Jones: *hic* AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! (runs away)
Snowball: We did it.
Napoleon: This farm is now called Animal Farm!
Snowball: I have here the Seven Commandments of Animalism! The most important one: All Animals are Equal!

Afterwards, Snowball and Napoleon get everyone situated. Snowball teaches basic reading and writing, Napoleon adopts some dogs. They manage to do pretty well as food is always available.
Snowball: We need to decide on our leadership.
Napoleon: Let's keep some special food items just in case.
Later on...
Jones: *hic* I'm back with mah men! Let's get back at them animals! To the cowshed! *hic*, wait where did they go?
Snowball: ATTACK!
Jones: *hic* YAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGH! (runs away again)
Snowball: Yes!
Snowball's popularity soars
Napoleon: Fire the gun! Salute the Battle of the Cowshed!
Snowball: Alright I have some plans everyone. We are going to build a windmill! It will modernize the farm.
Napoleon: Dogs, attack!
Snowball: WHAAAT!? (he runs off)
Napoleon: I am leader of this farm now. We will establish a committee of pigs
Squealer: Sir, claim credit for the windmill.
Napoleon: Yes! The windmill was my idea. Please work hard, everyone. You will be promised much happier pleasures!

The windmill is built. A storm comes and knocks the windmill down.

Squealer: What happened?
Napoleon: SNOWBALL!
Squealer: He tried to sabotage it?
Napoleon: YES! Dogs, find those who could be co-conspirators and eliminate them now!
The dogs purge some animals
Napoleon: I will not be disheartened. I was and still will be the hero of this farm!

Mr. Frederick: Time for our attack.
*the battle here was another animal victory, but several die*
Napoleon: Damn, there goes our windmill again. Blasting powder!
Boxer: Sir, I will continue to work as hard as I can for you.
Napoleon: You're a good horse, Boxer.
Boxer works, but later collapses
Napoleon: Take him to the vet.
Benjamin: Hold up hold up, that's a knacker!
Squealer: I assure you Benjamin that everything will be okay!
Later on...
Squealer: I have sad news. Boxer has perished at the vet.
Napoleon: Everyone, Boxer is an inspiration, let's continue to work with his ethic (hides his money obtained from the knacker).

More years pass, more animals are dead or forgotten. The windmill was rebuilt and a second windmill constructed. Income is high.
Napoleon: The happiest animals lead the simplest lives. Pigs, let's go to the city. *they all walk upright like humans doing so*
Napoleon: Dinner party time. New alliances are to be made this day!
The farm is renamed Manor Farm yet again. Some animals look at them.

"Hey which one are the pigs and which ones are the humans?"
"I don't even know"

The end.