Literature as told by a TopTenner: 1984

Nonpointed Obvious parody summary as follows:

It is, in fact, 1984. The nation of Great Britain is known as Airstrip One, which is a part of Oceania (includes the Americas, Australia, and Southern Africa). The government is run under "The Party", and the political ideology is known as "Ingsoc" (which isn't important at all). The political leader is known as "Big Brother" and is watching everyone with constant surveilliance, getting what's known as "Thought Police" to take down anyone with even an ounce of disrespect for the government. Said surveilliance is known as Telescreens, which are two-way televisions. Winston Smith is doing his job as a historical record write for the Ministry of Truth...

Winston: Ah more records to rewrite...(I really hate this job, why rewrite history to conform to the standards of everyone? I just know not doing this is gonna make me a thought criminal. I'm just gonna go to an antique shop for a bit).
Winston: Hello sir!
Mr. Charrington: What brings you here today?
Winston: I'm thinking of buying this book.
Mr. Charrington: This here? This be a journal.
Winston: I'd buy it.
Mr. Charrington: Okay.

Winston hides the journal away from telescreen eyes and writes in it.
Winston: *writing* Big Brother sucks, the government sucks, this one girl just won't stop stalking me at the ministry and I swear she's on to me. That O'Brien guy looks like he could help me with a rebellion. I've heard about this Brotherhood, and I've already heard about the propaganda against Emmanuel Goldstein.

Next day:
Julia: *passes note to Winston*
Winston: *reads note which says "I love you"*
Winston: Oh god...hmm...maybe she shares something. I'll meet her at the countryside.
They eventually do, and converse in a room about Mr. Charrington's shop.
Winston: Gah, I had a good wife in Katharine but we broke up. I remember my family disappearing during the civil war. I also had a friend called Syme, who talked about Newspeak, and now he himself is just flat out erased from history. This place is ridiculous.
O'Brien: Hello there.
Winston: O'Brien!?
O'Brien: I shall offer you a chance to join the Brotherhood. Come with me.
*Winston and Julia go to O'Brien's, he gives them the manifesto of Goldstein.*
O'Brien: As you can see, the proles are the ones who can rise against the Party. I shall leave now.
*On the way back, they find out that Mr. Charrington is one of the Thought Police, and are arrested.*

O'Brien: Are you surprised to see me? As you can see, I'm here to catch thought criminals such as yourself. The staging operation turned out successful.
*Winston is cruelly tortured to fit in with Party standards*
O'Brien: As you can tell, the Party isn't interested in middling lives of mere citizens. We work for power. You will be brainwashed into loyalty and released, and we may even execute you for your thought crime. We have not managed to make you betray Julia yet.
O'Brien: Time to go to Room 101. You will meet your worst fear in this room.
Winston: NOT RATS!
O'Brien: These will be fit onto your face.
Winston: Do it to Julia!
O'Brien: Hmm...very well. You are free.

Later on, in a park, Winston meets Julia in a park, finding out she too was tortured, and also betrayed Winston. The Party has managed to take away their love. Winston then goes to the cafe for refreshment, realizing he loves Big Brother as Oceania celebrates a military victory.

The end.