The Bible


Yes, my opinion is biased, but it is still valid. The Bible is NOT one of the greatest books of all time. It is fiction, just like The Hobbit and The Hunger Games. It might have the greatest impact, but that doesn't make it the best. Besides, you know how we humans look back on the Mayans and other ancient people and think, "Wow, they really believed in multiple gods? How silly! " Well, that's what people are going to think of us a long time from now. Personally, I can't stand reading even a paragraph. It would be one thing if it hid its lessons in a bigger story, but the Bible just forces them in your face and tries to make you believe in God and live your life based on it. No thanks!

You are both wrong. You will remember what I told you when you die. - EdRed

I agree that the Bible is the best, in fact it probably should be in a category all its own. But I think anyone who feels it's a no-brainier should think again. Notice that only 7 percent voted for the Bible. And you would think Jesus being number one on the list of best person ever would be a slam dunk, right? He was number five the last time I checked. So while I agree that the Bible is number one, and yes I am a Christian, don't forget there are many religions around the world and it's not automatic.

The ultimate truth! Written by 40 authors, over 14-1500 years. Prophecies about Jesus written thousands of years previously in Isaiah came true 2000 years ago. We are seeing prophecies being fulfilled in this age too. Atheists always talk about Jesus, because historic evidence that backs up the scriptures brings trouble for what the Bible says about his identity. There is authority in the Bible. External moral standards upon which society can be stablised. God character revealed, truth for how to live. Inspiration comes from the Holy Spirit as you read. Submit to God's word today and know new life in Jesus.

Yes, I am religious. Did that influence my decision?... Certainly. But would I have chosen the Bible otherwise? , probably. The truth is that even if you are not religious, the Bible still contains remarkable stories, has important moral messages that are relevant to everyone (not just Christians! ). Few books have the power to change peoples lives. Certainly the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings had a impact on my life, but I know what book I would be taking with me on that lonely desert island...

I think all christians would vote this. My mother is a christian :) I think it should be number 1 at least! I'm a child? Yep. I know a lot of books I liked in my live, this is truly the greatest

How the heck did Hunger games and hobbit beat this? THIS IS THE HOLY BIBLE POEPLE! All Christians must be voting this, Gods word lies in here, God is the greatest thing, Jesus also, I love god and pray to him every day and visit his house every Sunday

Nothing is better than the bible. Not even the hobbit. To all you peeps saying "I hope the hobbit topples the bible' you need to read a book with proper messages. Did the hobbit teach us to love another as much as we want to be loved? No. Although I love the wimpy kid series, the bible is always better, but why? Because the hobbit, hunger games, and Harry potter will all come and go. But the bible will stay, millions of years in the future. And then, I will be dead. You probably will be dead. We all might be dead. But the bible will still stand proudly, and so will other religious books, such as the Quran, the Torah, the Tripitaka, the Vedas, much much more. If you want to become a much better person, read the bible. Just read it. Just look at a few pages. That's all. If you do, your life is changed. You will become kinder, more selfless, more honest. More of all that stuff. Phew, that was a LOT. (Lol) - astroshark

Holy Macaroni salad. For the last time. I was about to pop my eyes out. Not only the book is for Christian. This books is for everyone. I also thought it's lame to read but once I read the gospel, I can't believe that I can't stop reading it. But you know what, besides the short fairy tale story, bible is the first novel I read. Lol. Really.

The hobbit is a nice book but seriously, why is it higher than the Holy Bible itself? Even if you aren't a Christian, it's still a wonderful book with many life lessons, and beautiful morals. My favorite chapter is The Gospels

You can't say that the hobbit is a better book than the Bible, the Bible was written by more than fifteen different people and inspired by the Holy Spirit. The hobbit is a great book but is weak at the beginning and again, was written by one human being. The Bible is easily the best book of all time.

It's the best book ever! You have to vote for it if you are a Christian! It tells you all about everything God and Jesus did for us because they love us so much. True, The Hunger Games, The Hobbit, and all those are good, but the Bible is the best.

Some people aren't religious the bible isn't the most important there are other religious books which could have at least been mentioned on this list if you are putting on the bible - Blahblahbluh

Hypnotized people. The Bible is a book. Yet you treat it like it is going to solve problems. It sounds weird that when people have a problem they choose a random page from the book and say it helps them. I've tried praying before (to see if it is real) but noting ever happened. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

The Bible is called The Holy Bible because it contains the word of God and Jesus our Savior. This should be the best book. Look, I love Watership Down, The Hobbit and especially Lord of the Rings, but nothing can and will ever beat the Bible.

Even if you aren't a religious person, the Bible is still a very important book. It has a lot of information in it, and God/Jesus's words. To be honest, it's actually fun learning about God. - Powerfulgirl10

I love the Bible.
Gods word lies upon us, to understand His teachings and His love for us.
Christians, vote for the Bible, it's God's Holy Word.

God created the Earth and us humans, so the least we could do is vote for His Book.

Even if you are not religious, it still had wonderful life teachings. It shows us how to love freely and how to make peace with your enemy.

Praise be to God!
And God Bless!

Words can't describe how happy it is seeing that people voted for this. It is the most translated and sold book in the world ever. It's just nice to see that a lot of people still care.

I don't think this book universally speaks to everyone. The lessons are overshadowed by what would be considered horrible ideas. Its purpose is confusing as it conflicts with belief, fantasy and reality at the same time. Having this at number one is honestly ridiculous. - Nayan2003

Wow! I like this site! There seems to be more Christians than on YouTube. Man I hate jerks on YouTube... The Bible is the best book of all time! You should read it every day, you know.

Why does this book contain 7% of the votes? Seriously, it life lessons, wonderful writing, and the book that was made by the guy who created the universe should at least contain 20% of the votes.

This should be number 1. It's a religious book, for heavens sake! This book has literally everything. War, peace, violence, action, horror, and spans across many years. You'll never get bored with this book, trust me.

I am a Christian, so I automatically believe in the bible. Even if I wasn't, it is a great source of stories, moral lessons, and poetry. Easily the most influential books in the universe, my vote goes to the Bible

The bible is the most important book in the world and also one of the oldest. I am in love with God and always will be and happy to see that this is first place.

The Bible is the most heavily edited book on history. It was designed to be nothing more than a tool of social control. And just because millions of people read it doesn't make it a good book. Popularity does not equal good. - Jdub2119

What the hell? Can we have a legit list not filled with YA lit and books of violent religious propaganda, please? - kerthesh