The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins


Oh this list makes me lose hope in humanity lol. "Of all time" it says and yet the books on the top are juvenile books all from this century. Seriously...the diary of a wimpy kid? Harry potter? The hunger games? The fault in our stars? You really need to read more if you think they're "The best books of all time". And I am not saying these are bad books, I'm saying there's a lot better, there are work's of geniuses out there. - ohwowlovely

Now now, I'm not saying that the hunger games is the best book in the world, but I would like to recognize it's great imagination, the bible is cool too but I'm not Christian, and the hobbit is awesome, harry potter and the deathly hallows is beast and diary of a wimpy kid is funny. World was Z is neat but what the hell is robot what ever doing here? Hamlet is way better, same for anna karenina! Let's get some good stuff here!

I LOVE this trilogy. I respect your opinions on it haters. but I personally love the end line of the end book when it says something like: 'sometimes I close my eyes and imagine all the good deeds anyones ever done. its like a game. a bit boring, even a bit tedious after more than 20 years... But there r much worse games to play'

... Wow

If you love dramatic stuff and betrayals and love gone wrong and all that, then you GOTTA read Warrior Cats by Erin Hunter. especially if your an animal lover. don't JUDGE OKAY THERE's TALKING CATS SO WHAT?!

It is kind of disappointing to find this on the #2 spot of "Best Books of All Time." Do not get me wrong, this is a fantastic book! But it does not deserve to be #2. It does not even deserve to be in the top 20! There are so many better books than this! Here are a few.

1: The Lord of the Rings Series.
2: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
3: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
4: Anything from Edgar Allan Poe
5: The Narnia Chronicles.
6: The Green Mile
7: Misery
8: Where the Red Fern Grows
9: Maniac Magee
10: Bud, Not Buddy.
11: Crash
12: The Percy Jackson Series
13: My Brother Sam is Dead
14: My Side of the Mountain
15: Stargirl
16: The Tale of Despereaux
17: Hatchet
18: Pet Semetary
19: The Outsiders
20: The Christmas Carol

I would rank Hunger Games somewhere in the 20s. Outstanding book, but it is completely overrated. Go read some classics, kids. You will find them MUCH more enjoyable. - Alpha101

This is way better then Twilight.
What sounds better?
Hunger Games- Fighting to the death or
Twilight-Romance. And a good dose of it to!
Hunger Games- Gore. Hehe. Or
Twilight- Vampire that kisses, not kills, KISSES human. And more then kissing Bow chika wow wow.
What sounds better? Pick The hunger games, because everyone knows that its hell better

I'm so very surprised to see all those wonderful literatures like The Great Gatsby and Ulysses got beaten by this. I mean it's good, but if you think it's the best, you definitely never read the Lord of the Rings, or Harry Potter, or Narnia. If you like it because of its political Metaphor... Well, 1984 is only ranking 19. Don't be so shallow. Read some real books.

If you ask a 12 to 18 year old girl what is their favorite book. they say Twilight. I say The Hunger Games. A book about a girl with brave heart, who replaces her sister in a brutal slaughtery TV show Hunger Games. THis book has heart-breaking lovestory, the most developed characters I have ever seen and marvelous plot with breathtaking action and pacing.

This book can't be compared to any other book it's so amazing, the other reviews are right. I couldn't put the book down it's a page turner I never wanted it to end. The second book was great don't get me wrong but compared to the first I well it wasn't with me all of the time I love the action Suzanne has even reached the readers of a younger age now and I should know since I was 10 when I read all three of the books. When people think fantasy they don't think of the hunger games. But I do I am only 11 and I have already read them each 12 times over their amazing. I may be only 11 but I have read thousands of books from the hobbit to witch and wizard but this one is the best!

The Hunger Games is number 1? This proves that teenagers will come on this website and vote up what they think is "the best thing ever". Oh yeah, and by the way, THE HUNGER GAMES IS NOT BETTER THAN THE BIBLE!

This book is overrated. In fact, most of the books on this list are just recent books, not true literary classics. Why aren't books like Moby Dick, Hamlet, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Great Gatsby, etc., aren't topping the list? Instead we have this crap that people only find interesting because of movies or because they're blind to true literature. At least it isn't Twilight...

As much as I like the hunger games, I don't think it deserves to be in the top ten never mind top 3! What about books by Jane Austen, leo tolstoy etc. People these days just don't appreciate great literature. - lily_hp

Yeah, I find it oddly strange how it could have made this list. Especially when Battle Royale is a more impressive novel and movie nevertheless.

I love the books, I love the films, they are all brilliant! About a girl and a boy, forced to go into a bloodbath arena, after getting chosen from their districts, 12 districts. Katniss loves her little sister, Prim, and volunteered for her when Prim was chosen. Peeta, bakers son, threw bread into a pig pen.

This book is just a knockoff of BATTLE ROYALE! Hunger games is so much less violent compared to battle royale, though. Battle royale is just so much better that you can't even compare the two. And, the movie for battle royale still remains one of the most violent of all time.

The Hunger Games changed my life forever. It's amazing, and has really impacted my life. Without the Hunger Games, my life would be meaningless and boring. The Hunger Games has changed how I see myself and others. Katniss is my idol, and I strive to be like her. Thank, you, Suzanne Collins. Thank you.

The Hunger Games is one of the best novel series that I've read so far in my life. I haven't gotten to the Mockingjay part yet, but I hope I'll get it soon. I've tried like going to three different bookstores recently but there's been no luck for me. And I have also not seen part 2 of the Mockingjay movie yet. - creed99

The saddest book I've ever read, even sadder than Dewey and Elsewhere. It's about a girl who takes her sister's place to be in the Hunger Games, a fight to the death on live TV. It's so sad because so many people die in it! - cherrypage33

This is my all time favorite book. I could not stop reading it from the moment I started reading it. The Hunger Games was the best book I had read in a really long time. This is the best book in the whole trilogy. This book is absolutely spectacular.

I love this books because they changed my live, they made me read all the books, even when I didn't liked reading, they made me fall in love with the boy with the bread, it made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me love reading, it change my life

This book beats the Harry Potter and Twilight series ten times over. It has a fantastic plot and great characters. Suzanne Collins is a very talented author as well. This has got to be one of the best books I have read in long time.

This book has everything it it to love, action, and mystery. It has good quality, but sadly not many people I know know this book. It is not as popular as the other books such as Harry Potter and Percy Jackson but it is as good!

I love a lot of the books here but I voted for Hunger Games in hope it would surpass the Bible (please don't go reverse psychology on me), because everybody takes it literal instead of understanding it's just a story.

I have to say... I like reading a lot, and this book may just deserve to be number three. Action packed and hard to put down, if it weren't for the nasty parts and stuff, it would be a pretty cool book ( fiction)

The Hunger Games needs to be higher. The Hunger Games is an inspirational book and its just so amazing if you don't like the Hunger Games then something is wrong with you. - thalia_thatsme

Good Book, though I'm not completely into the fandom. It is still indeed interesting enough and is the best according to me in the given fandoms. I will always still prefer Mortal Instruments...

It shows that no matter what you do, life gets ahead. When Prim dies at the end, I was like WHAT! B-but katniss did all of that for her! It was a truly exciting and sad story that I will always remember. - kyaracalderon