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Not best cocktails, this is a list for the hardcore straight up booze drinkers!!!

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21 Malibu

Malibu coconut rum is my favorite. Goes down smoothly

Mixes so well with Coke!

22 Maker's Mark

Mix the whisky and some coke and you have an easy smooth drink. Personally as a 15 year old it's easy becuase lots of parents have this in their house and gives you a satisfactory buzz.

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23 Fireball

Goes down incredibly smooth and easy. Tastes like candy!

I don't like whiskey but this is the best drink ever. It taste just like candy. Plus it's cheap! You seriously can't go wrong!

So easy to drink straight from the bottle. Tastes real good and gets you plastered.

Goes down really smooth! Great taste, especially with cream soda.

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24 Johnnie Walker Blue

Best liquor hands down

The best scotch wiskey in the world!

Damn good!

25 Old Monk Rum

If you are a rum lover... This is the rum you should taste before dying. Either you love this Rum or you Hate this, there is no middle opinion on this. One the finest aromatic rum I have ever tasted.

The best rum with a strong caramel taste. A bit fiery though

All rum lovers can hit like for Old Monk.. I personally feel it's the best rum and had to be tasted at least once..

All rum lovers should have already tasted this

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26 Smirnoff

Smirnoff is a marriage between a quality product and affordability. It can no way kill the absolute king of vodka(Absolut) but definitely deserves a spot in the top ten.

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27 Wild Turkey 101

This bourbon is only for those who really know how to drink. So all you ladies who think you can pound a few shots down, try this one. - RdrTech

How can you have a list like this without the screaming chicken?

I don't drink for the flavor. I drink for the effect. 101 is quick and nearly hang over free because its clean as long as you hydrate before you crash.

28 Gordon's Gin
29 Jose Cuervo Tequila


30 Woodford Reserve Bourbon

It simply doesn't get any better than this. - thebige

The best of the wheat bourbons.

31 Jack Daniel's Whiskey

Get the honey flavor. Very smooth and effective.

Best. Only liquor I drink.

By far my favorite

32 Famous Grouse

Fine blended scotch you can't beat that on the rocks with red bull

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33 Koskenkorva 013

It's a traditional booze. - Annaaa

34 Bulmers Cider

Great stuff, taste like real cider should, beats strongbow and mercury any day.

35 43 Below Vodka

mMmMmM even the passionfruit is awesome, smooth drink with a slight burn

36 Strongbow Cider

Real good. Better then all the others

My favorite Cider. It's not as sickly sweet as bulmers. My go to drink in our Irish Pub.

37 Dewars Scotch

The Captian Morgans of scotch - rhamilt

38 Grand Marnier

Straight up or on ice. Delicious and a nice mellow long buzz.

Best to drink it in a snifter glass.

39 RumChata

Taste like the milk after you eat a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch. Rumchatta is life changing.

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40 Goldschlager

I love this stuff to much! Put it in the fridge or freezer, and drink straight without any chasers. You will love it! And the gold flakes are awesome to look at. There100% real gold!

Taste great, just like reds candy

A little heaven on earth

Nasty, stay away, you will get sick if ingested.

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