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61 Buffalo Trace Bourbon

To me this is THE BEST whiskey out there.Picture a higher proof Jameson and you pretty much nailed it.

Hear hear!

62 Old Taylor

The old is gone and they made a new but they need to put more into it to get what the old had. I had a bottle of 1950 and it was amazing. 100 proof and it went down like water, really no burn and then fire in the gut and warm until it came back into the mouth were it released its flavor. The best I will ever have!

63 Blenders Pride Whisky
64 Appleton Estate Spiced Rum
65 Buckfast
66 Don Julio Reposado

The best tequila I have ever had. Smoother than Patron. A must try for tequila drinkers.

67 Twisted Teas

These are super good and get you messed up

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68 Wiser's Special Blend
69 Russian Standard Platinum Vodka

Best vodka ever unless your in Russia

So good and smooth, my favorite Vodka

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70 Polar Ice Vodka
71 Evan Williams Honey V 1 Comment
72 Cabo Wabo Tequila

Its just a amazing tequila brand its all my dad drinks when he drinks tequila, plus sammy hagar is a rlly good artist even though he doesn't own it anymore

73 Crown Royal Special Reserve
74 Tullamore DEW

Went from John Walker to Dewars to Jameson to... Tullemore D.E.W. ! Straight up! No rocks or
Water back needed! We all have our favorites, my advise... Just try it!

75 Drambuie

I like drinking whiskey pure now and then (favorite: bourbons like Jim Beam) but not always. Drambuie is strong (40%), it's a mixture of Scotch, honey and herbs, sweet and oh so delicious. I like my lips after sipping. But somehow you don't think it's terribly strong like regular whiskey so you down it much quicker than other 40% booze types :-)

76 Bombay Sapphire Gin

Strong but so effiing good it's a must try gin, but only if you dare!

77 Disaronno

Literally tastes like coca cola it's the best smooth liquor I've ever had

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78 Very Special Old Arrack (VSOA)

Sri Lankan special! Only in south Asia

79 La Joya Tequila

Best tequila I've had. I prefer it over Patron or 1800.

80 Captain Morgan 90 Proof Coconut Rum

This stuff will kick your ass 3 times over and tastes incredible when mixed 50/50 with coke.

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