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21 The Journey The Journey
22 I Had a Good Time

A great Boston tune, with a sad and contemporary feel, like the end of something good. The end of Delp's run with this legendary band.

Brad Delp's last really good Boston song.

As more people hear this song, it'll continue to move up the list which is incredible considering the iconic songs ahead of it.

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23 Walk On Walk On
24 Cryin V 1 Comment
25 Don't Be Afraid Don't Be Afraid
26 Used to Bad News Used to Bad News

One of the best song on Don't Look Back-album. Fantastic lyrics and brilliant organ and guitar solos.

27 Heaven On Earth Heaven On Earth
28 I Think I Like It I Think I Like It

*Forgot this one!

If you never heard this song, you should listen to it especially if you like More Than a Feeling than Boston. I know that u might be lazy and don't want to take time to do it, but u really should. Go to and listen to this beauty! thanks

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29 Tell Me Tell Me

Unbelievable how this isn't on the list. One of boston's most underrated songs if not the most. Simply amazing...

30 Sail Away Sail Away
31 Corporate America
32 The Star Spangled Banner/4th of July Reprise The Star Spangled Banner/4th of July Reprise

By far the most Summer filled Boston song I've ever heard. If you ever need a nice son on Summer vacation to get you in the spirit, it's this one.

By far the best version. Scholz really plays it well and I'm in love with the part titled 4th of July.

33 Love Got Away Love Got Away V 1 Comment
34 God Rest Ye Metal Gentleman God Rest Ye Metal Gentleman
35 We Can Make It We Can Make It

A great song from walk on. One of my favorite Boston songs

36 We Can Make It We Can Make It
37 What's Your Name What's Your Name

I'll say this: it's a little poppy, but it drives a beautiful bargain. From the beautiful lyrics to the strong guitar bridge it surely is worth hearing.

38 Cool the Engines Cool the Engines

Why is this so low? This is a driving song that feels like listening to "Feelin Satisfied or "Rock and Roll Band". The whole song is exceptionally catchy. Top 3 on Third Stage for sure.

On the Greatest Hits but not on this list...

Driving song that is my fave from "Third Stage", should have ranked in the first 10!

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