Best Bottled Water Brands

Artesian, mineral, purified, sparkling, spring,... there's so much more to bottled water than two parts hydrogen to one part oxygen. There is a real difference between the various bottled water options.
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1 Fiji

Fiji is the tastiest water brand. Whenever is see this brand in the shops, I would always buy it because its well worth the money you pay for it.

I get immediate heartburn from drinking this water... then I realized it is acidic. The tatste is nice but not worth the heartburn problems

Fiji Water is the greatest water ever and after trying this you will realize what your actually missing out on.

Fiji is best, Even better after beef jerky, it's like putting your taste buds to sleep in a feather bed.

2 Poland Spring

Why isn't this higher? It should be #2, after Aquafina

2.Poland Sping

3 Aquafina

This is the coldest and best water in the world. It should be number 1 before Fiji.

Fiji's not bad, but I only had it once. Dasani's caps are an ass. Aquafina is bae.

Its taste pretty fire after you lose to mendo

4 Dasani

Completely tasteless, and that's a good thing! No salty, chlorine or metallic taste, at all. Best water out there.

My dad really only drinks this kind of water, it just tastes better.

Why how it tastes like actual crap

5 Voss

Why has nobody chose this!?

It tastes so...Pure

6 Evian

Best water I have ever tasted, very very rich in bicarbonates, helps reduce acidity, helps remove kidney stones, helps reduce dental cavities..

This is actually really good water. It is kinda like Fiji but Evian is not that famous in America

Actually the best but not as many people know about it so that's why it's lower on the list.

This water is what I drink in a daily basis

7 Ice Mountain

Yes ice mountain all the way

8 Nestlé Pure Life

This should be in the top 5! See people drinking it all the time, good water.

9 SmartWater

Comes in really big bottle

tastes just like from a cloud

10 Acadia
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11 Aqua Panna
12 Big Y Water
13 Glaceau Smart Water
14 Deer Park Natural Spring Water

Deer Park taste the best out of any water I've tasted. Its just really smooth and refreshing.

This crap tastes like some sort of sulfur or methane

15 Kirkland

This is Costco's water which should be in the top 5. It's all I've ever gotten. Yeah Kirkland!

16 Volvic

Why not at top?

17 Resource
18 Heaven's H2o
19 Nałęczowianka
20 Nirvana
21 Arrowhead
22 Crystal Geyser

I could never tell that one water was better or even different from another until I tried Crystal Geyser. I was shocked that I really liked the flavor of a particular brand of spring water. But it really tastes better to me.

So underrated. It should be way higher.

23 Baccara
24 San Benedetto
25 Essentia
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