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1 I Feel So I Feel So

It describes me "cause I feel so mad I feel so angry"it is their best song

No contest obviously their best

2 There Is There Is

One of my favorite albums, although it's too short, it is a masterpiece. This song has so much meaning, when you connect with it your emotions flow through. Tom's feelings for Jenn are perfectly described in the lyrics, you can almost get the same sensation he had. And together with the instruments it sounds so good, it has such an unique sound. One of my favorite songs ever written by Tom, it's a shame this band didn't made more songs. They could've been even better if they continued. - Wolf92xd

3 And I And I

How is this song not number one? It's almost iconic

4 Watch the World Watch the World
5 Letters to God Letters to God
6 All Systems Go All Systems Go
7 Elevator Elevator

This song has a really dark meaning, it is about the 9/11 incident. And yeah I agree, Mark's collaboration was awesome here. I don't know why anyone had the idea to turn this, and the whole album to Blink-182's music. Sometimes I wonder what could've been if the Box Car Racer
and +44 albums were instead albums from Blink-182, I mean just imagine if Tom had never changed to be a "mature guy", never made alternate projects with Travis, and he'd never separated, there wouldn't exist AvA wich for me is good. I don't like it. And if all of Mark and Tom's ideas together we'd have more Blink albums! It would've been such a wonderful thing. I've always seen this two bands as the depressive side of Blink. - Wolf92xd

With Mark's voice it's simple perfect!

8 Sorrow Sorrow
9 Tiny Voices Tiny Voices
10 My First Punk Song My First Punk Song

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11 The End With You The End With You

The bass in this song is so good. This song in the car with the bass up is good; simple, but powerful.

12 Cat Like Thief Cat Like Thief
13 Instrumental Instrumental
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