Best 'Box Office Flop' Movies


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1 John Carter

Visual stunning.perfect costume design.great casting. But I think two thing that make it flop is weak plot and too much spending on movie and marketing but it is great movie I recommend it - Thirdwindz

2 Speed Racer

This movie is one of the best mediocre movie but not great like make me say wow but not close to word awful I like all race map design in movie it is colorful and exciting when every racer use they own weapon to eliminate opponent but some scene are also boring like most of romantic scene - Thirdwindz

3 1492: Conquest of Paradise

One of my favorite movies from the early 90's. Shold have been a hit - Alexandr

4 I Dreamed of Africa

Based on true events, the movie was touching and well acted - Alexandr

5 Cutthroat Island

Really great Adventure movie with Geena Davis - Alexandr

6 Catwoman
7 Battleship
8 Deep Rising

Awesome Action/Horror film with Treat Williams and Famke Janssen - Alexandr

9 Strange Days

One of the best SCI-FI movies from the 90's - Alexandr

10 The Big Year

The Contenders

11 Bringing Out the Dead

Martin Scorsese created a masterpiece that was criminally underrated and overlooked - Alexandr

12 Eye See You (D-Tox)

Decent thriller with Sylvester Stallone - Alexandr

13 Howard the Duck
14 Supernova

I loved the effects very much. The story was cool too - Alexandr

15 Stealth
16 Stardust
17 Bulletproof Monk
18 A Sound of Thunder

Not a masterpiece but still decent Sci-Fi film - Alexandr

19 The Chronicles of Riddick

The best film in this list, followed by John Carter

20 Mission To Mars
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