Hey! Say! JUMP


Well, what can I say? THEY ARE MY ULTIMATE INSPIRATION! I've known these guys since temporary Hey! Say! 7 days, and I've seen them grow. Somehow, I have been with them since day 1. Their concerts are truly amazing. I've seen one, the one in Hong Kong! These guys can sing, dance, act, write songs, play instruments and do death-defying stunts! And these guys do not forget about their studies! Three of them are now at college! I LOVE THEM FOREVER

Hey say jump is the best boy band! They are really talented in singing, dancing, and acting. They really inspirational for the young kids since they are very cool. And the really love their fans that why they give their best for us. JUMP is really something you can't really explain to other that why the all should see how great they are. :_))))

HEY! SAY! JUMP are the best among the best! They consists of nine handsome young men with a different character among them. Their characteristic is amazing and their voices are so cool. Their latest song was so awesome and I love them very much. Besides each of them are so smart and intelligent. They can play a lot of difference instrument when they performing. Their dancing is cool I learn it so fast. They can also act. I hope they can be the best among the very best! Gambatte ne! HEY! SAY! JUMP!

Hey! Say! JUMP is not a boyband... They are more than just pretty, handsome face with good sing and dance. They are the real musicians (can play musical instrument and turn into band format, can write, compose, and arrange song) their acting skill are good, they can do some acrobatic movement, and also their personality are good.

Hey! Say! JUMP is amazing. I have to say, it's my favorite group of all time (along with Arashi also from Johnny's Entertainment). The relationships between the, now, 9 members, excluding Morimoto, Ryutaro: Yamada, Ryosuke; Chinen, Yuri; Okamoto, Keito; Nakajima, Yuto; Arioka, Daiki; Inoo, Kei; Yabu, Kota; Yaotome, Hikaru; and last but not least Takaki, Yuya. I enjoy watching them and listening to all of their songs-- the atmoshpere they put off is funny and welcoming to fans. They truly make wonderful music full of meaning for their fans. They are hard-wroking and don't give up. All of them can sing, dance, and also perform amazingly at concerts. Most of them also play instruments and have other amazing talents. They turly are my idols and I love them

They are so adorable! I love their music.. :).. Others said that they are less prolific compared to other boy bands especially to their number 1 Korean counterpart boy band, but I don't care about that.. All I know is they are the best among the BEST!

I love Hey! Say! JUMP very much! I am glad that I am one of their fans! I love all the 10 members although it is now 9 members now... But, Ryutaro, I will always support you no matter what! Prove to your fans that you can. I will always support the 10JUMP.

Their performance is very cool and cute! They can sing many kind of songs. They are just starting their walk but they will be a monster group few years later. I can believe them because I can see their possibility. Hey! Say! JUMP is awesome!

I love hey! Say! JUMP the most! Gosh they are the most awesome! 3they deserve to perform in the London Olympics 2012

Hey! Say! JUMP lots!

Hey say jump are for me a very special 9(10) member group, who are close to my heart. Even if they live on the other side off the world. There music, concerts, attitude towards fans and showing how hard work can achieve your dreams :) They are just fantasic, wonderful and each share a bond like brothers because they have known each other since childhood. And I've been follwing them since they were children, that makes it even more special

JUMP is not your usual boy band who sings, dance and act. It is consist of 10 (9) different individuals that has unique abilities of their own.

Because of them, it make myself more confident. They teach me that it doesn't matter what you want to do, just enjoy it while do it and you will get great result

They display the talent and professionalism are higher than the other boyband that only stocking charm...

Hey! Say! JUMP's songs are really inspirated. They always makes a song with a really high quality lyric and melody. There are always many motivations in their songs. Whenever I feel down, their songs always cheer me up. Besides, as a person who is in the same ages as thei are, I always motivated to make my life better and useful.. Let's support Hey! Say! JUMP now, and forever!

Hey! Say! JUMP are an amazing idol group in Japan, although they are so young, they can be an inspiring idol for their fan.
They can do everything. They are not only a boyband, but they are an idol group that have multi talent.

BECAUSE THEY ARE JUST so GREAT I so much love them and will always supporting them

Hey! Say! Jump is the best idol in the world! They are so handsome and have many talent

I Love they all. Never give up. Their songs are very inspiring.

They can sing real good and sound the same while singing live.
Some celebrities can't even sing as good as the studio version.

Hey! Say! JUMP is the best! They desrved to get more than this... Hey! Nsay! JUMP fighting for all your dreams and your fans dream. JUMPers from all over the world always supporting you guys and we believe that one day, ryu could stand in front of us proudly as a Hey! Say! JUMP member again!

Hey! Say! JUMP is the best boyband that I know
i really really love them. And I wish I can meet them.

Is the best boy idol from Japan!
I really love they!
They're really multi talent!
Vote Hey! Say! JUMP!

6 years I'm in love with JUMP. I hope jump come to Indonesia! I really miss Ryuu so much. Ryuu please come back, you are my first love in jump. Ten Jump forever yeah!

Hey Say JUMP are sugoi, they are extremely hard working and have big talent. And JUMP belong with Jumperz

I think I found new life when I know Hey! Say! JUMP... Arigatou gozaimasu, Hey! Say! JUMP! And I think they're very good Japanese singer, and also, they act very nice to see! Example, Risou no Musuko