The Osmonds


I've been a Osmond fan for 9 years now, Thanks to Andy Williams; if it wasn't for Andy Williams, there wouldn't been a performing Osmond family on T.V. or on stage; thank God that Andy Williams did let the Osmonds sing on his show and stay on his show, because The Osmonds got a lot of talents from being on the Andy Williams show and kept using their talents when they got off the Andy Williams show and started their own thing in the 70's;now they're are new generations of the Osmonds singing like their dad/mom known as Grandpa/ Grandma for Marie "Great" uncles/aunt for the 3rd generation of the performing Osmonds. The Osmomds will live on and I have to say, that they have my vote.

I can't believe The Osmonds are at number 32. They still have a huge following even now, after 50 years! They were the first boy band, hugely talented in every kind of music and song writing. I have been to many Osmond concerts since the early 70s and seen many other bands too, but not one of those other bands were anywhere near the professionalism the Osmond Brothers demonstrated. The atmosphere at their concerts is unbelievable. Most of all, they have been a wonderful inspiration & example to their fans and people they have worked with them. I'm honoured to know this family.

The Osmonds have been performing for more than 50 yrs. There is not another boys band that can say that! They sing, dance, write & play many intruments. I was 5 yrs. Old when I started watching them on the Andy Williams Show & have continued to follow them ever since then. That is a loyal fan & they have a massive loyal fan base, not only in the US but Worldwide. Again this has not been for just 5 or even 10 years but OVER 50 YEARS. They have had many many albums that outsold everyone else back in the day. They continue to reinvent themselves. They give of themselves, try to make this world a better place. There are good reasons why they still have fans after 50 yrs. Wish my grandkids really had the young Osmonds that I had. They saved my life.

Raw talent that has stood the test of time. With the quality and versatility of their voices they have adapted the genre of music to suit their needs. For The Osmonds it has always been about going with the flow and the longevity not making a quick buck and running off into the sunset. They get pleasure from entertaining and ensuring that the fans see a quality show. They have survived in the fickle world of show business for over 50 years. Yes they have had their ups and downs in popularity, personally and financially BUT they are still going strong and giving back to their millions of fans over the world. Whether or not they win this poll, they will always be the 'Best Boy Band'to me.

The most truly talented musicians in the business. More hits and albums sold that any other band. They literally do it all: sing, dance, each play a huge variety of instruments, write much of their own music, T.V. , Broadway, radio, Las Vegas, world tours, and they are still filling stadiums and entertaining fans worldwide. And they have done it for five decades without caving to the evils of the business. The Osmonds are in a league of their own and are second to none.

Hands down, the best "boy band". The Osmonds are the original... Please go to youtube and watch videos of them from the early 70's. All the others in this list would not be considered a boy band if not for the Osmonds. Watch their choreography! No one did that before. Listen to them sing... Watch them PLAY their instruments. They are truly a band. No lip singing, and they actually played the instruments. It's outrageous they they are listed as 26. Definitely #1. Thank you Osmonds!

The Osmonds will always be the best for me. Have been a fan for well over 40 years. From the 'screamy' days of the 70s to the present time; they represent good honest musical entertainment. The line-up may have changed but this singing family deliver every time they perform. So pleased I remained a fan through the years as I am so happy to say I have met the family and regularly go out to visit Donny and Marie in Las Vegas to see their show. They have always had the utmost respect for their fans which is why they continue to have such a large fan following. I appreciate them so much.

Just love them. They are so talent. They have been in my life since 1967 when I saw them for the first time. They helped me when I was down. Every time that I was hurt or upset I listened to the music and got better. Thank you so much for being in my life. I'm still listen to them and I have been over in England to see them three times just recently. I even talked to them and Merrill gave me a big hug. They are so natural and kind men. You just have to love them. Thanks

The Osmonds should be first. NO questions asked. They were a group even before The Beatles! (I love the Beatles too). They performed on the Andy Williams show in the late 50s and are still going strong today. How on earth can a group that has been performing for THIS long hardly get any credit these days? They were definitely huge in the late 60s and 70s but no one should forget how fantastic their hits were. They may not be the most successful group ever, but they are definitely the best boy-band! If you classify them as a proper boy-band, that is. Because it wasn't just about their image, it was their variety of music that swept many people.

The Osmond are sung in France that came three times in the 70th but it was enough to make them my favorite from their first visit to the French T.V.. I went 3 times in the UK to see, Donny in 2007, the 50 show in 2008, D & M this year, I've never been disappointed, they have great artists with huge talent, patience and kindness to their incredible fans! The Osmonds are the best artists and deserve to win this election! French fan Dany

After 50 year in show business the Osmonds have lived with integrity. They love what they do and work hard. The Osmonds are the best example of how stay grounded. And have genuine trials in their lives and lift people up as they share the joys and heartache with the world.
With their fans and the world.

I love the Osmonds, they are talented, hard working, excellent role models & can sing and play numerous instruments... (Isn't the number something like 56 different instruments between them? ) I have seen them live, and would never tire if I got the chance to see them every week for the rest of my life! They are the best, Boy Band doesn't do them justice, they are awesome and miles better than any other band in history, or the future!

Simple the best still going strong with over 54 years in the music business. I have seen them here in the UK and America numerous times and the excitement they bring to their concerts are awesome. A very talent family no other boy band can match. Who else can match their vocals, harmonies, song-writing, dancing and playing all different instruments, own T.V. shows and the talent continues... The OSMONDS WERE THE FIRST BOY BAND and in my heart are the best boy band EVER.

These "boys" have endured because they have mega-talent, genuine goodness and love for their fans and mankind. They are songwriters, producers, singers, musicians and seasoned naturals when it comes to entertaining. Their harmonies make you stop and listen for that wow moment, and it's always there. They are the best boy band because they are still wowing us after 54 years.

They were unfairly overshadowed by the Jackson 5 and because of the stupid endless debates we have today, it seems that the Osmonds will never surpass the Jackson 5. The Jacksons are also one of my favourite groups but the Osmonds inspired them to become a group themselves and for them to be shunned because of another group that started after them is disgraceful. Both bands are hugely successful in their own league. The Jacksons also had Michael, who was one of the best selling artists of all time, so it's no surprise they're more popular really.

The Osmonds are the best boy band ever. Not only are they musically superior to other bands but their love or their fans is amazing. I've never been to a concert or show and been disappointed every show is amazing. They are such talented performers who never fail to deliver and they are such lovely genuine people.

The Osmonds started out with beautiful Barbershop Harmony and kept the beautiful voices going for over 54 years. They sang, danced, played their own instruments and wrote some of their own songs. Inspiring messages, great shows and humble people. No other group even touches them! They were and still are the best!

I have never heard of some of these other bands on here. But they none of them will have the 'staying power' of the Osmonds. They are so diverse, a multi talented family group. Sure they have had their fair share of arguments. But they have never split up. Even the Bee Gees did that. We have a lot to thank Andy Williams for. RIP Andy.

Still going strong after 54 years, very large world wide fan base that's still growing, they show respect and loyalty to people that have supported them over the years, great role models of how celebrities should treat their fans

I have been an Osmond fan since I was 9 in the teenybopper days! They were amazing then & still amazing now! I saw them in concert once in the 1970's when I was 12 & many, many times since 2003. They are talented, versatile & streets ahead of the others! They are still going after all these years & still have a huge following! The best boy band ever!

After 54 years they are still going strong. The number of fans has never wavered and there music just gets stronger and better. Seen them many many times and will be seeing them again in September. Best boy band of all time.. They are so widely loved and there harmonies are still as good as ever.

Although it has been many years since I have seen the Osmonds, back in the day myself and sometimes a friend from North Carolina went to see the guys often. Aside from their talent, they were nice people. I do not observe the Holidays, so the present tour is not for me--- but, God willing, perhaps someday I can see Donny and Marie at the Flamingo in Las Vegas.

Have been a fan since the Andy Williams days. I am the same age as Jimmy and have grown up with them. A life time fan. They are kind, loyal, real people. Great song writers, performers, musicians and dancers. They each have lovely individual voices but blended together sound perfect. I will be a fan, friend and support them always.

They're an original boy band from the 70s and actually wrote their own songs and can play instruments unlike todays boybands..

Simply awesome. First found them at seven years old, lost them for a while and found them again in 2006. Have since been to many concerts and performances including Boogie Nights. Finally realised my dream and met Merrill, Jay and Jimmy in March this year. They were lovely beyond imagination and I for one will never lose them again. Now waiting for American Jukebox and Butlins... Happy days