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61 Hi Five
62 XO-IX

My idol inspiration this is XO-IX xtra xtra ordinary yeahh you rock guys!

Xoix boyband not lypsing...
They're so handsomend, talented and kind people.. Love you so much my prince


Xo-ix is boyband who give me an inspiration. XO-IX is xtra ordinary. Always proud to be XOwners

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63 Caught in the Act

The best boy band ever CITA - Forever friends and very close to their fans, Thank you for everything

Good boyband of 90's unfortunately they don't want to come back. Baby come back! I remember the best ever concert I've ever seen Bravo Super Show'1997, they were there too with Backstreet Boys, Warlds Apart, East17, N'Sync, No Mercy and etc. Good times and I still hope for their come back

64 Arashi

Arashi should go to big 5 I think! They have charms that will make you realize what life really is *is over biased*
find more about them (though it's not an easy thing, trust me, but once you find out, you'll want more and more and more. You can't get enough of them)
their songs are all so great. Most of them are an inspirational song. You'll get courage and motivation for better future

The best! Enough said.
Arashi is a boyband that you will love instantly the moment you know about them(in my case). Each one of them has different personality, and they are very handsome and cool even when they are already in their early 30s. They have debuted for 10+ years and bring happiness to people around the world. They are AMAZING!

Best of the best idol group ever for me

Arashi has sold CD&DVD $110million, and Live $330million in 2016.

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65 Beast

Awesome, since they're very good in height and very good singers.

There's no need to explain them. Just seach on Google about beast or b2st.. And you will know why I respect them..

They have the 3rd biggest fanbase in Korea. Why so underrated internationally?

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I vote for them because I think that Kat-tun, like others Johnny's bands, are really talented, they can do everything and their originality has no limit! Japanese music will rule the world!

Kat-tun is a great and extremely talented band. They have been working so hard for so many years. And they were the very first band to have concerts at Tokyo Dome before their debut, I'm pretty sure! Hyphens for the win!

I believe KAT-TUN to be the best band for their brilliant range of talents. Every member has a unique style and individual talent. From rapping, beatboxing, harmonizing, and having a multi-octave voice range, I honestly think KAT-TUN is ultimately the best.

50? I can't believe it. The are beasts. Hyphen forever.

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67 Infinite

I love your song you guy sing so good you guy are amazing like amazing!

They're so cute, handsome, talented and kind people... They loved their fans so much... They're humble!... They're best known for being 99.9% snchronized group

I'm an Inspirit!
Infinite is the best group I ever seen! Love Infinite!

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68 Coboy Junior

Coboy junior! You are ROOKIE!

I'm Coboy Junior COMATE!


Coboy Junior is the first boyband in Indonesia, äñϑ they're very very famous, Coboy Junior IS THE BEST, äñϑ I'm COMATE! Laff you COBOY JUNIOR

69 F.T. Island

The best band ever.. Hong ki had an angel voice.. And the band is very greet

70 Twenty One Pilots Twenty One Pilots Twenty One Pilots is an American musical duo that originates from Columbus, Ohio. Currently there are two members. The lead singer, Tyler Joseph, and the drummer, Josh Dun. At the 2016 American Music Awards, they won two AMAs for Favorite Pop/Rock Artist, and Favorite Alternative Artist. Twenty One more.

I love Twenty One Pilots! My favourite songs by them are Guns for hands, Doubt, The Judge and Message man. - Catlover2004

But they aren't a boy band. Boy bands don't play instruments and their fanbases consist of teenage girls who only care about what the band looks like... - Kokopawley


How? they should be like 1 there way better then one direction.And by the way one direction broke up so it doesn't count.come on

71 Plus One

Plus One is the best Christian boyband...they have made a comeback...and becoming popular..they should be up on the list...

72 Jeremiah

Their songs serenaded the Philippines back in the 90's. It's too bad they're not active anymore.

Their songs touched our hearts until now.. in fact, radios plays their songs here in the Philippines even if they are not active anymore. their songs will remain in the hearts of all filipinos.

73 C21

Oh come on! Not even in the top 50? Songs like "You are stuck in my heart" and "You are the one" are so sweet! They should definitely get more votes guys! Plus, they're so cute :')

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74 B1A4

They are still can count as a new group...
but I love them because their song is really nice!

75 S4

S4S4S4S4S4S4S4 FIGHTING!, they're sexy, sweet, sentimental and smart boyband, the real boyband from indonesia, we proud for S4 and pray for them to be winner!

I love s4 they are just amazing they are my number one
I really love them(alif, jeje, arthur, and firly)
Please vote for them
Their dancing is just amazing
Please vote for them

Multitalent boyband, love you so much S4!

Love you S4, be the best for S4-US

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76 Irish Rovers
77 Fahrenheit
78 Miami Band Miami Band
79 Brockhampton

They made me realize that I was gay.

80 B.A.P

Bap is the best band ever

It's the best band ever

bao 4 life

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