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81 F.T. Island

The best band ever.. Hong ki had an angel voice.. And the band is very greet

82 Coboy Junior V 4 Comments
83 Irish Rovers
84 Jeremiah

Their songs serenaded the Philippines back in the 90's. It's too bad they're not active anymore.

Their songs touched our hearts until now.. in fact, radios plays their songs here in the Philippines even if they are not active anymore. their songs will remain in the hearts of all filipinos.

85 C21

Oh come on! Not even in the top 50? Songs like "You are stuck in my heart" and "You are the one" are so sweet! They should definitely get more votes guys! Plus, they're so cute :')

V 1 Comment
86 Plus One V 1 Comment
87 Fahrenheit
88 B1A4

They are still can count as a new group...
but I love them because their song is really nice!

89 S4

S4S4S4S4S4S4S4 FIGHTING!, they're sexy, sweet, sentimental and smart boyband, the real boyband from indonesia, we proud for S4 and pray for them to be winner!

I love s4 they are just amazing they are my number one
I really love them(alif, jeje, arthur, and firly)
Please vote for them
Their dancing is just amazing
Please vote for them

Multitalent boyband, love you so much S4!

Love you S4, be the best for S4-US

V 3 Comments
90 B.A.P V 3 Comments
91 XLR8

Vote vote vote
Them please

I love them very much..!
Every time I watch them in party pilipinas I feel like I'm going to faint because of they're voice and smiles..!
All I wanna do is scream my lungs out..!

And I love XLR8 because they really love their fans in every aspects..!
They tried to make their fans really happy..!
So guys keep up the good work..!

Love them so much
From the bottom of my heart

92 Detour

This group is really one of the best in the Philippines. They started in a local TV show and they are on their way to success. - iloveppop

93 Dream Street Dream Street Dream Street was a short-lived American pop boy band that was formed in mid-1999 by Louis Baldonieri and Brian Lukow.

LOVE THEM FOREVER! They are old and didn't have that many popular singles but I will always be a fan. Cutest boys ever, plus jesse mccartney!

Yeah I wish they reunite! Jesse McCartney rocks, I just love him...
Words are not enough to describe him..

94 One True Voice
95 911

90s boyband what got your body shakin lee spike and jimmy

V 2 Comments
96 Sexy Zone
97 2D14
98 JJ Project

They smell like fried nose holes

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99 Block B

Block B fighting! Not only a boyband, they are artists! Derpy, talented and sexy!

Block is one truly amazing group. I love that looks aren't everything to them. Even though u-kwon, P. O, hell all of den r so damn hot. And their attitude while performing is ugh.. Every girl would fall 4 dem. They r so talented and hawt. I wanna b, block B.

100 Teen Top Teen Top

Teen top need some love too! Angel forever!

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