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121 Bay City Rollers

BCR's STILL have a massive WORLD WIDE fan base that have been loyal since the 1970's. They conquered America which most bands today fail to do and if a band today does manage it they have had A LOT of management input and influence. Their music is still played and there is a Radio station that every Wednesday afternoon plays Bay City Rollers songs for 2 hours. I have ALWAYS been a fan and ALWAYS will be. They were our first lovecand will always hold a special place in ALL fans hearts.

I think they are the best band, I have always loved their music. The best 100% now and forever.

The best ever now & forever!

Loved them then and now...40 years later... Lets see how many bands have that kind of fan base. They were highly underrated and overlooked

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122 Moorhouse

Recently came 4th on New Zealand x factor...just give them a listen they r good

123 Train Train Train is an American roots rock band from San Francisco, formed in 1993. The band currently consists of Patrick Monahan, Jimmy Stafford, Jerry Becker, Luis Maldonaldo, Hector Maldonado, Drew Shoals, Nikita Houston and Sakai Smith.

Love these guys! They should be in the top ten!

This band has the most awesome songs ever!

They are a pop rock band that is amazing!

124 Honor Society
125 We the Kings

Their music is so perfect why they aren't at top 20?

Say you like me
Check yes Juliet
Sad Song
See you in my dreams
Another way
All again for you

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126 Another Level
127 No Mercy
128 Phixx
129 Magic! Magic! Magic!, originally stylized as MAGIC!, is a Canadian reggae fusion band based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Rude is an awesome song.

130 3Oh!3

I love them and their songs. They are amazing!

131 Statler Brothers
132 TFBoys
133 Justice Crew
134 Blue Sky
135 Boys Like Girls Boys Like Girls Boys Like Girls is an American pop rock band from Boston, Massachusetts. Formed in 2005, the group gained mainstream recognition when it released its self-titled debut album.
136 Hometown

They are absolutely amazing. I saw them at westonbirt. Love them so much

137 Faber Drive V 1 Comment
138 Kingsland Road
139 What About Tonight
140 Rocksmith
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