Best Boyce Avenue Songs

I love these guys and their every song makes me feel alive!

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1 Here Without You

I really love their songs

The best ever... It is impressive and motivating... I learnt to play exactly the song exactly like him... - anandinvu00eectusu00d0

This song is the reason I Love Boyce Avenue and love acoustic cover in general.

My favorite cover of theirs. First one I heard and fell in love with them.

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2 Grenade

Such an awesome song. Beautiful music, collaboration

This is second best - pranutyagi

it's good

3 Broken Angel

Defines a story about a girl who suffers a lot due to her careless father. Touching song, must listen

I love this song, as I can relate!

Such a beautiful song

It's break my heart and soul every I hear it

4 Fix You

I love Coldplay's 'fix you' and boyce avaenue's cover sound as good as the original. I am big Boyce avenue fan so I guess I will like all of their songs.

This is so god! Its absolutely amazing! Love it

If Coldplay is the best, imagine a good cover!

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5 We are Young

This song is amazing! I love his shirt in the music video

6 Rolling In the Deep

Awesome song. Leave the rest (apart from #1) and listen this

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7 Best of You
8 When the Lights Die
9 Just the Way You Are

Best song, even better than the original one

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10 Find Me

Boyce Avenue is the best. This is the first song composed by Alejandro and I love it very much.

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11 Mirrors

This one is the best!

Better than the original one!

Tottaly awesome. Should be at least in the top 5

12 Someone Like You

Best song ever. Tunes and alejandro's voice stirres you up. Listen this.

13 Iris
14 Shadow of the Day

Best song after #1

15 Let Her Go

Awesome! I lovee it!

16 We Can't Stop

Featuring Bea Miller, who has an amazing voice. I hate the original song by Miley Cyrus, not gonna lie, but Boyce Avenue slows it down and practically makes it a gorgeous lullaby

They did a really nice job on this one. Its 10 times better than the original one.

Yeah, this is a very nice song they covered. Push it higher!

This Greats Song

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17 Demons

Perfect duo cover, with incredable voices. Touched me right in the feels

It might be on the tpo 10

like it..

By far my favourite cover <3 Absolutely beautiful

18 Heaven

This is one of my faveorite covers by Boyce avenue. Its 10 times better than the original by Bryan Adams.

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19 It Will Rain

Its not just good its great, its not just great it's the best

How is this not mentioned? One of their greatest covers! It might be as well better than Bruno Mars' original!

20 Only Girl (In the World)

It has got to be number 1. NO DOUBT.

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