Best Boyce Avenue Songs

I love these guys and their every song makes me feel alive!

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21 A Thousand Years
22 Teenage Dream

Beats every other song
Touches your heart

23 Leave Out All the Rest

Not as good as the original track but certainly their best

24 Jumper
25 Yellow
26 Just Can't Get Enough

It has got to be in the top 5 if not top 3. Better than the original song.

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27 Dare to Believe

How can no one ever heard of it? And even someone has, why isn't it on the list? BEST SONG EVER!

28 Superman

Can't believe how this one's not charted. It's superb

29 Radioactive

It's a revolution I suppose!...

30 Set Fire to the Rain
31 Change Your Mind

The best song of Boyce Avenue!

32 I Miss You
33 Tears In Heaven

Kind of similar to the original one yet it certainly is a good song..

34 Say Something

This song sounds beautiful when sung by Boyce Avenue. It's even better than the original.

35 Hear Me Now

Heard it first on WWE episode of tribute to Eddie Guerrero..nice song

36 Viva la Vida
37 Last Kiss

Their team up with Megan and Liz did work out wonders! Amazing cover!

38 Breathe

Another cover of Taylor. Really smooth.

I love this song so much.

39 I Want It That Way

They removed a part of the bridge but it still is awesome

40 Perfect

Better than the real one

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