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21 Someone Like You
22 Go

This song is so touching. Listen to it. The instrumentals are nice too! A different feel to boys like girls! :) enjoy!

Come on! This song is so meaningful and sweet! It's super touching also! Vote this one up!

23 Dance Hall Drug

This was one of the first songs I ever heard by them and I think that it should be higher up. But that's just what I think.

Amazing song of an amazing album (the first album I ever owned) and why is two is better then one at 1 it's the only B.L. G song I don't like!

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24 The First One

Why isn't this included? This song is

25 I Lied
26 Me, You, and My Medication

This song is really really good

27 The Shot Heard Round the World

This song is brilliant! The lyrics so good, the music so well composed and the bridge and gunshot sound just makes this song perfect.

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28 Hey You
29 The First Time

"no you never get´╗┐ a second chance like the first time... " gets to me hard. This song should be on top it's that one moment when you love someone for the first time and you don't want to last forever

30 If You Could See Me Now
31 Life of the Party
32 Real Thing

Oh my goodness this song is amazing and was one of the first I heard by these guys which got me hooked on them. WHY IS IT SO LOW DOWN?!

33 Cheated

Why are the best songs always in the end?

34 Kill Me In a Record Shop
35 Broken Man
36 Take Me Home
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