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21 Ocean's Thirteen V 1 Comment
22 The Devil's Own

Better than a lot of the work on here

23 The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

One word - Underrated!

This movie is so underrarted! Brad pitt plays this insane gangster absolute perfect!

Beautiful film and probabaly Pitt's best performance.

24 Fury

I just watched this movie... The more I see it it.. The more I want to see this one... Simply best must watch.. Deserves top 10..

One of the best movie ever...

One of the best WWII movies ever.

Underrated movieđź‘Śwell worth a watch!

V 4 Comments
25 Spy Game

Good narration by Redford. In spite of some flaws in the direction, the film on a whole is good to watch.

26 12 Years a Slave V 1 Comment
27 A River Runs Through It

Not on the list? Are you kidding me?! Who hasn't shed a tear watching this movie? Brad Pitt proudly holding that fish with Robert Redford's narration brings tears to my eyes every time I see it!

Absolutely this Movie should be a top. The performance of the characters is brilliantly done with a twist of modern family bonding that we all wish we had growing up.

Best movie pitt has ever been in.. The ending is one of saddest endings to a movie ever, cry every time I watch it, and redfords narration of macleans profoundly moving words & story only adds to the greatness, I first saw this movie when I was like 12 when it first came out and its the reason pitt is still one of my favorite actors ever.. Second choice would be moneyball

Should be in the top 10. He was marvelous! Every subtle smile, look had immense meaning.

V 3 Comments
28 The Dark Side of the Sun
29 Kalifornia

Much different than his usual acting but believable and spectacular just the same, everyone should watch

30 Ocean's Twelve V 1 Comment
31 The Big Short
32 Babel
33 Burn After Reading

It wasn't another comedy that begs you to laugh with overplayed situations and jokes. The use of dramatic irony, situational irony and the actors amazing acting skills (esp Brad's) made this my favorite comedy thriller.

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34 Fantastic Mr. Fox
35 Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas
36 Happy Feet Two
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